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More Information How to Get Your User ID and PIN for My Northeast

Current Students

User ID - Your User ID is your Student ID number. It will be a nine digit number beginning with a one (1) or a two (2). If you have a student ID card, the number will be on the card. If you don’t know your ID number and don’t have an ID card, contact 402-844-HELP (4357) or email to request your ID number. Please include your full name (including middle name and any previous names), your permanent address, your date of birth and the name of your high school and your graduation year.

PIN – RETURNING USERS - If you have logged in to your My Northeast account previously, your PIN number will be one that you created. It must be between eight and 20 characters, contain letters and numbers and is case sensitive. If you have forgotten your PIN number, enter just your ID number and click on the Forgot PIN? button. This will prompt you to answer your security question and set up a new PIN before logging you in.

PIN – FIRST TIME USERS - Your preset PIN for My Northeast consists of eight alpha/numeric characters. Use the following formula to determine your unique PIN:

First initial of your first name (uppercase); first initial of your last name (uppercase), last four digits of your social security number (substitute 8888 if you don’t have a social security number), and the two digits of your birth month. Example: FL123401. For security purposes, once you are logged into the system, you will be asked to select a new PIN and will need to answer a security question after your first login to the system.

New Students/Applicants

Click the APPLY NOW! button on our homepage, choose the type of application you wish to fill out, click the Application link under Submit an application, click the gold Apply using My Northeast button and create a Login ID and PIN, following the directions on the page to begin the application process. If you have already created an account and cannot log in, call 402-844-7260 for assistance, or email

Need Help?

If you are unable to successfully login to My Northeast, please call 402-844-HELP (4357), or email