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Your Northeast CARE Team Can Help

(Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation)

The CARE Team provides faculty, staff, students, families, or any other individual a resource to contact if they have concerns about a student's well-being. Our goal is to provide consultation, advocacy, resources, and education to help facilitate individual success and cultivate a safe campus environment.

How CARE Works

Any concerned individual can refer a student who may be experiencing academic or emotional challenges or who may be demonstrating concerning or disruptive behavior to the CARE Team by submitting a CARE referral form. Submitting a referral simply means you have a concern about a student's well-being. Receipt of this form initiates the CARE outreach process.

CARE referrals are reviewed during normal business hours by people trained to assess and act. The CARE Team conducts an initial assessment on every CARE referral. In many cases, the outcome is to offer support and resources to either the individual who reports the concern, the student of concern or both. In most cases, the student of concern will be contacted and invited to meet with a CARE team member. During the meeting, student and CARE member collaborate to determine what resources, referrals or services might best meet the student's needs and goals. Each situation is different and requires an individualized approach. Team members typically meet with a student several times in person and check-in with a student periodically throughout the academic year.

Resources and Support

Whether you are participating in class, studying on campus, or socializing with friends, you are part of the Northeast community. There might be times, however, that you don’t feel very connected to campus life, you may feel alone, confused, stressed or afraid. During these times, it's important to know there is always someone on campus who cares about you. Northeast offers a variety of resources and programs to support you and help you achieve your physical, emotional, social, and academic goals. Many of these resources are listed below, if you don’t see something that meets your needs, please contact the CARE Team for more information about college resources and enrichment opportunities.

Need Assistance?

If you need assistance, please contact the CARE team at (402) 844-7272, or reach out to a CARE Team member:

  • Mary Balaski, Director of Disability Services
  • Josh Becker, Director of TRIO Student Support Services
  • Lai-Monté Hunter, Dean of Students
  • Gina Krysl, Director of Student Care and Outreach
  • Walker Raabe, Residence Life Coordinator
  • Brad Ranslem, Associate Dean of Applied Technology
  • Lisa Reifenrath, Director of Advising Services