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Campus Meals

Meal plan contracts are for the academic year, fall and spring semesters. The terms, conditions, policies, and procedures are included on each contract. Cancellations or changes can be made the first week of each semester. Payment must be made by the first day of the semester. Meal Plans can be purchased at Student Accounts & Cashier in the College Welcome Center or by calling (800) 348-9033, ext. 7001 / (402) 844-7001.

2020-2021 Meal Plan Rates

  • 10 meals / week plan with $50 flex plan* - $1,465.00 per semester
  • Unlimited Access Plan with $100 flex plan - $1,595.00 per semester
  • $250 Express Card - $250.00
  • 67 meal plan (commuter only) - $385.00

*Minimum plan required for students residing on campus. (Prices, offerings, and serving times are subject to change) Express cash and Flex cash is transferred from Fall to Spring Semester. There is no carry over from Spring to Fall.

Meal plan participants are not allowed to share food with another person, take food products out of the dining area, or waste food.