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Adult Education

Learn more about ABE/GED® and ESL/Life Skills

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The Adult Education Department at Northeast offers the following services:

  • Preparation for citizenship testing
  • Instruction in basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics (ABE)
  • Preparation and testing for a high school diploma (GED®)
  • English language instruction (ESL)
  • Integrated Education and Training

The program is free to anyone 16 years of age or older and not enrolled in a secondary school. Students who are under the age of 18, must meet the requirements of Nebraska Revised Statute 79-202 ( Students are requested to attend an orientation session to register and take diagnostic tests to determine what skills are needed and develop a learning plan.

Registration and Program Registration:

Adult Basic Education

If you need help brushing up on basic skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics, you can take classes through the Adult Education Department. Classes are designed for adults who are not seeking a high school diploma. Classes and individualized sessions give you as much help and time as needed to reach your goals.

For more information about Adult Basic Education classes, please call (402) 844-7255 or (402) 844-7256, email, or stop by our Norfolk office at Northeast's Norfolk Campus. 801 East Benjamin Avenue, Maclay Building, Room 180.

Preparation for the Nebraska High School Diploma

Find out how you can take the GED test for free! Contact our team today to learn more.

If you are at least 16 years old, have not completed a high school diploma, and are not currently enrolled in school, you can prepare for the General Educational Development (GED®) tests to qualify for the Nebraska High School Diploma.

After determining your skills through entrance assessments, our staff will help you develop an individualized learning plan. Classes and tutoring sessions are scheduled at several locations in northeast Nebraska including classes at Northeast's Norfolk campus.

When you are prepared for a test (you may take one test before preparing for another), you may test at Northeast's Norfolk Campus or another testing site in northeast Nebraska. Test fees for the electronic (computer) format are $30.00 per GED test for those wanting a Nebraska High School Diploma. Students who agree to program requirements are eligible for GED® for free.

The GED test on computer offers test-takers a better testing experience, featuring:

  • The Instant Score Report – In an era of instant everything, testing should be no different. Leave the testing center knowing the score you earned on the GED test.
  • Easier User Experience – The 24/7 online registration and scheduling makes scheduling your test a breeze.
  • Your Test, Your Time – Each test-taker gets to test at his/her own pace. If a test-taker finishes before the allotted time has expired, there’s no more waiting for the entire room to finish.

Registration may be made at

For more information about preparing for the GED® tests, please call (402) 844-7253, email, or stop by our Norfolk office at Northeast's Norfolk Campus. 801 East Benjamin Avenue, Maclay Building, Room 180.

GED Transcript Requests

If you need to request copies of your GED transcript and/or diploma, please contact: Shirley Gruntorad, Nebraska Department of Education, (402) 471-2475 or email

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Adults who speak limited English may take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Classes are designed to serve individuals ranging from beginning learners, intermediate learners, and advanced learners.

The classes and individualized sessions are designed to:

  • Assist immigrants and English language to improvising reading, writing, math, speaking, and comprehending the English language
  • Acquire an understanding of American Government, individual freedom, and responsibilities of citizenship.

The classes are designed to emphasize:

  • Communication
  • Pronunciation
  • Basic sentence patterns
  • Essential vocabulary
  • Speaking and writing skills

For more information about ESL classes, please call (402) 844-7253 or (402) 844-7254, email, or stop by our Norfolk office at Northeast's Norfolk Campus. 801 East Benjamin Avenue, Maclay Building, Room 180.