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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Complaint Process

Occasionally, a student will encounter a College-related problem that he or she does not know how to resolve. When this happens, students should always try to work out the problem by first discussing it with those directly involved with the issue. If, however, an issue or problem still exists, there is a formal complaint process at Northeast Community College that students may initiate. All formal complaints must be put in writing using the online Student Complaint Form. If a form is submitted without a student's name, the complaint will not be considered. All written complaints will be tracked to ensure an action has been taken. In addition, outcomes of appeal processes are not subject to further consideration through this process.

Complaint: A written concern or formal charge of dissatisfaction with a person, service, or process that requires clarification, investigation, and resolution. This requires completion of the Student Complaint Form.

Exclusions: The Student Complaint Process does not apply to grade appeals, complaints of sexual harassment, or any student-to-student complaints. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity, and Student Grievances for procedures regarding these types of complaints.

Instructions for initiating a formal complaint:

  1. Attempt to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the individual(s) or office(s) involved.
  2. Complete and submit the online Student Complaint Form.
  3. When the complaint is received by the Executive Director of College Engagement, it will be forwarded to the appropriate individual to review and address the issue.
  4. After the concern has been addressed, the student/future student will receive a letter from the Executive Director of College Engagement documenting the receipt, review, and resolution of the complaint.

If a student feels the administrative response is not satisfactory, the Formal Student Grievance Process may be initiated.

Distance Education Student Complaints

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008, the U.S. Department of Education conducted a Negotiated Rule Making Process in 2010, and institutions offering distance education must provide enrolled and prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with its accrediting agency and with the appropriate state agency for handling complaints in the student's state.

It is recommended that students taking online classes at Northeast Community College first pursue their concerns locally. Students taking online classes at Northeast Community College who reside out-of-state should follow the instructions for initiating a formal complaint listed above.

Northeast Community College is required to have contact information on its web site for out-of-state students who want to file a complaint within their home state. We provide additional resources for filing student complaints that provides phone numbers, emails and/or other contact information for state education agencies.

Harassment and/or Discrimination

Concerns involving harassment or discrimination by a college staff member on the basis of gender, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, military veteran status, political affiliation, age, marital or family status, sexual orientation gender expression or identity, or disability should be directed to the College's compliance officer at: If after following the College's procedure, the issue cannot be resolved internally and the student seeks additional resolution, students can refer to the additional resources for filing a complaint with the appropriate state agency or accrediting body.