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Current Students

Student grades should reflect academic achievement and the level of quality at which they have met the learning objectives of the course.  Aside from actually teaching, grading is the most important responsibility of a faculty member.

Instructors inform students of course grading policies within the syllabus, which is explained and distributed to students at the beginning of the course.  Instructors maintain accurate records of student grades and upon request, should be able to inform students of their academic progress during the semester.

In pass/fail courses, the instructor determines if the grade is based on mastery of skills or on the recommended grading scale.  A pass grade in a pass/fail course is a "C" or above.  A grade below a "C" is a fail.

A final grade is regarded as a permanent record of a student's performance in the class. Once submitted, this grade cannot be changed unless an error has occurred. Every student has the right to appeal the final grade in a course in accordance with college procedures, AP-5290.0. Final Grade Appeal forms are available in print in the office of the Vice President of Educational Services.

Northeast uses the following scale to determine GPA: It is the instructor's choice to set their percentage scale for grading. This is an example of a percentage scale that could be used:

A 4.0 points
B+ 3.5 points
B 3.0 points
C+ 2.5 points
C 2.0 points
D+ 1.5 points
D 1.0 points
F 0.0 points
A+ 95-100
A 94-90
B+ 89-85
B 84-80
C+ 79-75
C 74-70
D+ 69-65
D 64-60
F Below 60

Use of incomplete as a grade:

The temporary grade of "I" may be issued when a student has completed most of the course requirements but is unable to complete the remainder due to circumstances clearly beyond his/her control (i.e., severe illness or an emergency). It is the student's responsibility to request an Incomplete Form from the instructor (forms are available in the Mailroom and Registrar's Office area). Arrangements must be made for the completion of the course objectives. An incomplete should not involve the student attending the majority of the class sessions during a subsequent term. Course requirements for an "I" must be completed by the date specified on the Incomplete Form (never more than one year after the course has concluded). If coursework is not completed during this time, the "I" will be changed to an "F" on the student's permanent transcript. It is the instructor's responsibility to report any change of grade to the Registrar.


Students can change their class schedule by completing a Drop/Add Form or by accessing your Student Account on the Northeast website.  Forms are available in the Registrar's Office, located in the College Welcome Center, or from their faculty advisor.  Dropping and adding classes using your account on the Northeast website is only available through the first week of a term.  Students must obtain the instructor's and the advisor's signatures to add a class after the first week of a term. Drop/Add Forms cannot be processed after the first week of classes without these signatures.

Students may register or add short-term classes up until the class starts.  You cannot drop or add a class through your account on the Northeast website after the first class meeting.  Students must use the printed Drop/Add form and have the approval of the instructor and Division Dean.  

Students who withdraw from all classes must complete a Term Withdrawal Form.  This Form is available in the Registrar's Office, located in the College Welcome Center, or from their faculty advisor.  A student must get all required signatures on the Form and return the completed Form to the Registrar's Office.  Students who do not officially withdraw from classes should be given a grade of “F” when final grades are completed by the instructor.