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Transfer Guide

Our advisors work closely with you to plan your transfer from Northeast to other colleges and universities. The generally accepted requirements for transfer to another college include:

  • Grades of "C" or higher in a transferable course.
  • Classes numbered below 1000 generally do not transfer.
  • Colleges and universities generally accept 60-66 semester transfer hours.
  • Many public and private four-year colleges accept in total the Associate of Arts degree and the Associate of Science degree and also accept, either in total or a specified block of credit, the Associate of Applied Science degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore College Transfer Options

College Transfer Guides

We provide a listing of transfer guides for over 30 colleges and universities, however to make certain of transferability, you should contact the college where you plan to transfer and consult with your Northeast advisor for help in planning your program of study.

Below, are the top six colleges Northeast students transferred to this past year.

Wayne State College Logo

Wayne State College

University of Nebraska - Kearney Logo

University of Nebraska - Kearney

University of Nebraska - Lincoln Logo

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

University of Nebraska - Medical Center Logo

University of Nebraska - Medical Center

University of Nebraska - Omaha Logo

University of Nebraska - Omaha

Bellevue University Logo

Bellevue University

St. Luke's College UnityPoint Health Logo

St. Luke's College UnityPoint Health

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Logo

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology