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Transfer Guide

Nebraska Transfer Initiative

On November 2, 1995, 25 Nebraska post-secondary institutions signed the Nebraska Transfer Initiative. The signing of this document has led to increased cooperation in the transfer of courses between Nebraska's Community colleges and its four-year institutions.

Nebraska's colleges and universities should collaborate in the development of a statewide agreement and policy on (a) the transfer of college-level credit, and (b) the transfer of the Associate of Arts degree as fulfilling both the general education requirements of the receiving institution, and the requirements for entrance to the junior class.

Challenges and Opportunities for Nebraska Higher Education...A Call To Action, final report to the LB 247 Post-secondary Education Study Committee, November 1990.

It is appropriate that, five years after this report was presented, twenty-five public and private colleges and universities in the State of Nebraska are joining together on the second day of November 1995, to sign the Nebraska Transfer Initiative.

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