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Student Apprenticeships

Today's job market is more competitive than ever before. That's why Northeast offers apprenticeships so you can distinguish yourself from other applicants. By getting valuable work experience through an apprenticeship you’ll learn hands-on in real-world work environments.


Registered apprenticeship programs for students combine post-secondary education with a full-time job and specialized, hands-on training. Apprentices finish college with valuable skills, little to no student debt, and career opportunities in high-demand careers.

Apprenticeship programs are sponsored by employers, employer groups, and trade associations. Employers provide the on-the-job training while often partnering with Northeast Community College to deliver the classroom instruction. You complete classroom instruction at the same time you are actually working in the field. This allows you to immediately apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to a real-world setting.

Reasons to Become An Apprentice


You get relevant work experience while in college.

Free tuition

Many companies cover the cost of tuition and fees for apprenticeship-related instruction.

In-demand credentials

Upon completing an apprenticeship program, you’ll earn a nationally recognized credential that is transportable if you change jobs.

Higher income

As employees of the companies that sponsor apprenticeships, apprentices receive incremental raises and, in many cases, company benefits.


Apprenticeship is an investment in you by an employer. Your future career success then becomes their return on investing in you.

Career Advancement

A way to move to a higher-level job in one's current field or transition between careers while still earning an income.

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