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Invest in a apprenticeship program to build your talent pipeline

Do you have positions you struggle to hire for or are you losing skills to retirements? Northeast will partner with you to develop a strategy and training program to fill those positions.

Apprenticeship programs allow you to customize the skills and training necessary for your specific business. Northeast partners with you to provide the classroom instruction and you provide customized on-the-job learning. This approach gives you an employee sooner, allows you to be integrated in the learning process and provides the opportunity to pass on the knowledge of your experienced employees when they serve as mentors to the apprentice.

Apprenticeship training brings tremendous value to your company:

  • Establishes a strategy for hiring a skilled workforce that includes job training standards and expectations
  • Increases loyalty and reduces turnover
  • Diversifies your workforce
  • Provides a career path for entry-level employees
  • Cultivates a well-trained, talented workforce that is productive from the start
  • Financial return on investment that averages around $1.40 earned for every dollar spent on the program

Available Apprenticeship Programs:

Need an apprenticeship program for something not on the list.


Steps to Establish Your Apprenticeship with Northeast Community College

  1. Schedule a personal consultation. We’ll discuss if an existing program may be a fit or how we can customize a program to fit your needs.
  2. Partner with Northeast Community College to register your apprenticeship.
  3. Determine apprentice responsibilities, schedule, pay and benefits.
  4. Establish an on-the-job mentor who will work with the apprentice at your company.
  5. Hire apprentice(s) and begin the program.

Requirements To Establish An Apprenticeship

  • Desire to hire or upskill in one of Northeast’s apprenticeship program areas.
  • Pay the apprentice as a regular employee and plan to retain them upon program completion. Develop at least one opportunity for wage increase during or upon completion of the apprenticeship.
  • Allow the apprentice to complete required classroom instruction for the apprenticeship. Instructional methods and duration vary by program.
  • Designate a current employee to serve as an on-the-job mentor.
  • Schedule regular meetings (at least quarterly) with the apprentice, mentor, and Northeast success coach to review on-the-job-training and competencies.