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Sex Offenses

Sexual Harassment

Any student who believes he or she has been the subject of sexual harassment is encouraged to:

  • Inform the offender that such behavior is inappropriate and must stop.
  • Keep a written record of dates, times, places, witnesses, and nature of the incident.
  • Report the incident to a counselor, supervisor, or designated campus representative.
  • Failing an informal resolution of the problem, follow the College's policy and procedures manual, Codes 4106 and 4106.a, and the Student Code of Conduct, Section IV.

Serious Sex Offenses

Victims of more serious sex offenses may request that the College change their academic and/or living situation. Refer to the section on Reporting A Crime to report serious sex offenses.

Students are referred to the Student Code of Conduct section of the Student Handbook for more information on inappropriate nonacademic conduct, disciplinary procedures and sanctions. Students residing in College residence halls should also refer to the Residence Life Manual for policies specific to on-campus housing. Employees are referred to the Affirmative Action Plan section of the Procedure Manual for Personnel.