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Security In Residence Halls

Key Card Access and Visiting Hours

We have coed residence halls that are supervised by a 24-hour housing staff throughout the academic year. Housing personnel are available by calling (402) 844-7151. Campus security officers patrol campus facilities, grounds, and parking lots. Campus security can be reached 24/7 by calling or texting (402) 841-5163. A full-time maintenance/custodian conducts regular facility inspections with concern for needed repairs, safety, security, and cleanliness.

Housing personnel review each of the policies within the Residence Life Manual with all residents.

The three-story residence halls doors to the main lobby and the Residence Halls offices are unlocked during the hours of regular school activity. The doors leading into the respective Residence Halls are locked 24 hours a day requiring a key card for access. The front desk of the residence hall is staffed to monitor the entrance of the building. Desk attendants are trained to handle questions including security or health needs. In-room visitation hours are from 7:30 am To 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday and from 7:30 am to 3:00 am Friday and Saturday. Visitation hours for the public areas within the residence hall are from 7:30 am To 3:00 am, seven days a week. At all times guests must be accompanied by a resident.

The residence halls are locked 24-hours a day during the weekends, College breaks, and holidays. A keycard giving 24/7 access to the Residence Halls is given to each resident living on campus. Guests have access to a campus phone in the foyer of the residence halls where they can call a residents room phone to request permission to visit when the entry doors are locked. This phone may also be used to call 7151 if a resident forgot their keycard and needs to be let into the Residence Halls.

Apartment Buildings

There are two eight-plex apartment buildings. Each building has a 24-hour security lock system to provide additional protection for the residents. Only residents with an issued key can unlock the entry door to an apartment building. Visitation hours for the apartments are the same as for the Residence Halls from 7:30 am to 2:00 am Sunday through Thursday and 7:30 am To 3:00 am Friday and Saturday.