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Campus Safety

A Top Priority For All

Safety on campus is a priority for students, family members, and employees. The mission of Northeast Community College is education; education can only occur in an environment in which students and employees feel safe and secure. Northeast employs multiple security measures to protect students, staff, and visitors at all college locations.

Safety is a shared responsibility of students and employees. The College contracts with a professionally trained and supervised campus security force (Sioux City Night Patrol) to provide security services to the Norfolk campus.

The College has also purchased and installed a Campus Alert system to alert the College community of safety-related situations. Emergency notifications or timely warnings will be sent out via the Campus Alert system by the Web Development Manager, Web Systems Specialist, or other designated employee as directed by the President, the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, or other member of the Emergency Response Crisis Management Team. *

* Northeast Community College has established an Emergency Response and Crisis Management Team (ERCMT) to implement and adapt appropriate action from the Emergency Response and Crisis Plan (ERCMP), to address preparedness or specific circumstances of a crisis.