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What are accommodations?

Accommodations include a modification or adjustment that allows a student to have equal access and have equal opportunity to participate in Northeast's courses, services, activities, and use of the facilities. Northeast is not obligated to provide an accommodation that requires a substantial change in the curriculum or alteration of any essential elements or functions of a program. A connection must exist between the accommodation and the student's disability. Accommodations should not fundamentally alter a program, cause undue hardship, or threaten the integrity of a course.

The definition of a “reasonable accommodation”

  • Reasonable accommodations are tools.
  • Reasonable accommodations are not intended to guarantee success, but to provide access.
  • Reasonable accommodations are intended to ensure that a student with a disability has an opportunity to succeed.
  • Reasonable accommodations are adaptions that are individually determined and should contribute to resolving the functional impact of the condition and its likely interaction with the environment (course assignments, program requirements, physical design, activities, etc.).