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No-Contact Flag Football

The Rules

  1. You will play two halves, each ten minutes long.   Half time will be five minutes.  After the 1 minute warning the clock will stop after each play.
  2. Games are played with two teams of eight, you must have at least six players present and can play at a disadvantage; fewer than six and your team forfeits.
  3. If the ball carrier unknowingly loses a flag he/she must be touched one-handed between the shoulders.
  4. Absolutely NO tackling, stiff arm, or rough play.   Tackling will result in ejection from game and removal from remaining season, possibly all future intramurals and a conduct code violation.
  5. Linemen must keep hands behind back when blocking.
  6. Defensive players cannot get in the way of a runner;  you can only attempt to grab the flag without impeding the path of the runner.
  7. Offensive players are not allowed to hand block defensive players to prevent them from grabbing the flag.
  8. Fighting will result in removal from remaining season, future intramurals, and a conduct code violation.
  9. After the ball is snapped, the quarterback must wait five seconds (One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, etc) before he can run or be rushed.   Defense must count out loud.  Quarterback may NOT run unless rushed.
  10. Offsides penalty will be enforced and result in a 5 yard penalty.  There will be a ref on the side of the field to mark the line of scrimmage.
  11. On the kickoff after a score, offense must kick behind the 10 yard line and receiving team must be behind the 50 yard line.  No on-side kicks. 
  12. In case of a tie, each team will have one play to make a touchdown from the 10 yard line.  A flip of the coin will determine who goes first.   Each team will have equal opportunity to score.
  13. Referee will have final call.
  14. Every player must show his or her current NECC student ID before EVERY game in order to play.  Anyone without an ID will not play.
  15. You can only be on one team.  If you are caught playing on two teams, both teams will forfeit their last games.
  16. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled game to check in with Intramural staff.
  17. Turn in roster by 5 pm on date due to be put on schedule
  18. Depending on the number of teams, we will decide if there will be a tournament or go by best record.
  19. Winners will receive t-shirts.

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy. Use our IMLeagues app to register and join a team. If you don't have a team, you can sign up as a free agent.

League Home Registration

For more information, contact:

Marcus Clapp
Fall Intramural Coordinator
Cox Activities Center 110B
(402) 844-7301
Adam Potter
Spring Intramural Coordinator
Cox Activities Center 110
(402) 844-7154