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Stay On Track with Intersession Classes

Northeast is offering many classes during the December 20, 2021– January 14, 2022, intersession. This session is designed to help you stay on schedule with course completion. Below is a listing of courses being offered and your next steps to enrolling in courses.

View a listing of courses being offered.

Next Steps

  1. Contact your advisor
    1. To see who your advisor is, please log into DegreeWorks
    2. Review your transfer course options, if you plan to transfer to another college or university
  2. Login to "My Apps" and register under the Spring 2022 term
  3. Speak with Financial Aid for payment options
  4. Visit Residence Life to complete a contract for housing during Intersession
  5. Order books

Financial Aid: Payment Plans

Northeast is offering a payment plan for intersession courses and the sooner you sign up the longer you will have to divide out your payments. Our Financial Aid staff will help you determine the best way to pay for your intersession course. A limited amount of tuition assistance is available for eligible students, check with Financial Aid to see if you qualify. Email the Financial Aid Office at or call (402) 844-7285.

Payment Plan

Intersession Courses

Class Dates: December 20, 2021 - January 14, 2022

Course Title Course - CRN Times Days Delivery/Building/Room Instructor(s)
Business and Humanities
Basic Accounting Procedures ACCT1060 - 25129 Online Kroupa, David A.
Personal Finance BSAD1040 - 25048 Online McClaren, Lori K.
Expressive Arts ECED1050 - 24997 Online Guenther, Lisa R.
Personal Finance ECON1040 - 25049 Online McClaren, Lori K.
Introduction to Professional Education EDUC1110 - 24995 Online O'Boyle, Mary B.
Children's Literature EDUC2250 - 25123 Online Guenther, Lisa R.
English Composition I ENGL1010 - 25122 Online Elznic, Jason A.
Fundamentals of Communication SPCH1010 - 24998 Online Nelson, Theresa A.
Public Speaking SPCH1110 - 24999 Online Nelson, Theresa A.
Health and Public Services
Health and Public Services HLTH1060 - 25121 Online Mazuch, Tina M.
Body Conditioning HPER1360 - 24993 Online Woodhead, Iris M.
Lifetime Wellness HPER1550 - 24994 Online Taylor, Nicholas
Health Care Ethics NURS2100 - 24991 Online Kindschuh, Alice M.
Issues of Unity and Diversity SOCI2150 - 24996 Online O'Boyle, Mary B.
Science, Technology, Ag, Math
Issues in Agriculture I AGRI1105 - 25005 Online Keller, Brandon E.
Crop Chemicals AGRI1280 - 25006 Online Ohnesorg, Wayne J.
Microcomputer Applications in Agriculture AGRI1500 - 25007 Online Burbach, Christopher R.
Technical Mathematics I MATH1020 - 25001 Online Sullivan, Thomas P.
Math for Health Care Professionals MATH1025 - 25000 Online Baldwin, Ward A.
Elementary Algebra MATH1045 - 25003 Online Johnson, Katie L.
Topics and Ideas In Mathematics MATH1100 - 25002 Online Johanson, Dale A.
College Algebra MATH1150 - 25004 Online Shonka, Staci M.
Cisco Networking I INFO2700 - 25126 0900 - 1200
1300 - 1500
0900 - 1130
Classroom based Vogt, Brad R.
Cisco Networking I INFO2700 - 25127 0900 - 1200
1300 - 1500
0900 - 1130
Virtual Vogt, Brad R.

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