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Who can participate in an apprenticeship?

We say apprenticeship is great for ANYONE ages 16-75 and we mean it. By providing structured career training and experienced mentorship, apprenticeship can enhance career opportunities for individuals in any generation. Let’s dig a little deeper and explore how apprenticeship looks for people of all ages.

Is Apprenticeship Right For You?

If you’ve participated in recent workforce discussions, you may have heard mentions of apprenticeship. Apprenticeship programs are growing in popularity and have expanded beyond the traditional “union and trade” jobs. But could apprenticeship really be a good fit at your company? Here’s a look at what makes an apprenticeship program successful, as well as a guide to help determine if apprenticeship is the right workforce solution for your organization.

Myth Busting, Apprenticeship Style

Apprenticeship isn’t a new workforce development model, however lots has changed in with modern day apprenticeship programs so there are many “myths” out there to debunk.

Internship and Apprenticeship: What’s The Difference?

Apprenticeship has been the new buzzword for the last several years. By now I am sure you have been wondering with all this talk about apprenticeship; what does that mean for internships? What is the difference between internships and apprenticeships? While internships and apprenticeships are very similar they do have a couple of distinct uniqueness’s that are important to understand.

Apprenticeship ROI

What if I told you that for every $1 your business invests in our youth you will receive a $1.40 in return? Sounds like a pretty good investment to me! Not to mention, that if you don’t invest in our youth you likely will not be able to recruit the necessary talent pool necessary to grow your business in the coming years. This may sound a little doom and gloom, but stick with me for a second. We all realize that our rural communities are shrinking as our young people move to the cities for better opportunities. If this continues over the next 10-20 years how will your business survive? How will you retain and recruit the necessary workforce to run your business?

Building A Strong Talent Pipeline For You

Apprenticeship programs are on the rise across the United States. The apprenticeship model is nothing new however it has been expanded in recent years to include more non-traditional career pathways such as healthcare, information technology, drafting, engineering and more. As apprenticeship has expanded there have been more and more opportunities to receive federal grant funding to expand apprenticeship programs locally. In 2018 Nebraska Department of Education in partnership with Northeast Community College, Pathways 2 Tomorrow, Wayne State College, Nebraska Department of Labor and Nebraska Department of Education received a grant to expand youth apprenticeships in the STEM area throughout the state of the Nebraska.