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Who can participate in an apprenticeship?

We say apprenticeship is great for ANYONE ages 16-75 and we mean it. By providing structured career training and experienced mentorship, apprenticeship can enhance career opportunities for individuals in any generation. Let’s dig a little deeper and explore how apprenticeship looks for people of all ages.

High School Students

Apprenticeship is a great way for high school students to begin training for their career. Some students may choose to engage with apprenticeship while still in high school by taking early entry courses at Northeast and working part-time with a local employer to gain real-world experience.

High school seniors may also explore apprenticeship as a post-secondary pathway. For students planning to enter the workforce after graduation, apprenticeship provides opportunities for high-skill, high-wage jobs right out of high school. Not all students choose the traditional college track, and apprenticeship offers an alternative career training option for workforce-bound students.

Current Northeast Community College Students

Northeast students enrolled in a pathway that aligns with one of our apprenticeship occupations can participate in the apprenticeship program. Once connected to an employer, students can plan work hours around classes and other school commitments. Students will benefit by learning to apply classroom knowledge directly to on-the-job applications.

Many Northeast students are already required to complete an internship in their program, so what’s the difference? Truthfully, internship and apprenticeship have a lot in common. Both help provide valuable experience, but there are a few distinguishing features. Often, apprenticeship can align with required internships and provide additional value toward long-term employment.

Adult Job Seekers

For individuals who are unemployed, burned out at their current job, or simply looking for a higher paying opportunity to support their family, apprenticeship can be the pathway to a new career. Because apprenticeship includes a structured training plan, employers can hire individuals with little or no experience, develop them into capable employees, and provide opportunities for career growth in that industry.

Apprenticeship works because individuals can continue to earn an income while training for a new career. This helps maintain financial stability throughout the program.

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding when I said the apprenticeship program can serve ANYONE. Participating in the program starts with a conversation with our Apprenticeship Coordinator. We’ll discuss your career goals, overview details of apprenticeship, and explore next steps for program placement. Northeast works with several employer partners in apprenticeship, and we are constantly making new connections. Learn more about apprenticeships and get started.

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