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Myth Busting, Apprenticeship Style

Apprenticeship isn’t a new workforce development model, however lots has changed in with modern day apprenticeship programs so there are many “myths” out there to debunk.

Apprenticeship is only for union jobs – Myth

Fact: The apprenticeship model began with unions, but since then other industries have seen it as an attractive and highly effective workforce development model. So much so that there are now over 1,300 apprenticeable occupations! Modern day apprenticeship programs range from IT, Business, Healthcare, Diesel Technology and so much more!

Apprenticeship programs are hard to develop and implement – Myth

Fact: Apprenticeship programs don’t have to be difficult. Work with the apprenticeship experts at Northeast Community College, and we will guide you through the entire process. Northeast Community College became a registered apprenticeship program sponsor so we can streamline the process for our employer partners. Northeast has gone through the rigor of developing the program with the on-the-job learning and the classroom instruction and employers can partner with us to reap the benefits of the program.

Apprenticeship is a form of an internship – Myth

Fact: Apprenticeship programs are a long-term workforce development strategy, where internships fill a short-term need without a long-term strategy for training and hiring. For more information about the difference between internships and apprenticeships check out a previous article titled Internship and Apprenticeship: What’s the Difference?

Apprenticeship programs are a waste of valuable time – Myth

Fact: On average, employers see a 94% retention rate with apprentices 3 years post program completion. Retaining employees is way more cost effective than hiring and retraining constantly. Train once and retain them. And, apprenticeship programs promote the sharing of institutional knowledge when senior employees serve as mentors to new apprentices.

Northeast Community College is your local apprenticeship partner. Want to get involved? Send us a note at to schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation with one of our experts.

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