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Is Apprenticeship Right For You?

If you’ve participated in recent workforce discussions, you may have heard mentions of apprenticeship. Apprenticeship programs are growing in popularity and have expanded beyond the traditional “union and trade” jobs. But could apprenticeship really be a good fit at your company? Here’s a look at what makes an apprenticeship program successful, as well as a guide to help determine if apprenticeship is the right workforce solution for your organization.

Apprenticeship is a Long-term Employment Solution

Apprenticeship programs are designed to promote long-term employment and employee retention. This is done by investing in employees through intentional mentorship, structured on-the-job training, and supplemental classroom instruction. Apprenticeship provides a pathway for entry-level staff to grow and develop valuable industry skills by working and learning simultaneously. Investing in your employees will help develop your own talent pipeline and increase company loyalty. Nationwide, apprenticeship programs are well worth the investment, with an average return of $1.40 for every $1 invested. You may choose to train newly hired staff or provide opportunities for your current employees to upskill. Either way, this provides a visible ladder of opportunity and will help you build traction in both recruitment and retention.

Apprenticeship is Centered Around Training and Development

The heart of an apprenticeship lies in the program structure. Apprentices will engage in classroom instruction and on-the-job training which help employees learn, practice, and apply industry-specific knowledge directly to real-work experience at your company. You’ll see immediate benefit with employees using your workplace procedures and equipment from the start. Apprentices also benefit from an experienced on-the-job mentor, and this allows company knowledge to pass from your veteran employees to new staff.

Apprenticeship Allows You to Cast a Wider Net

If you’re thinking “This sounds great, but I can’t even fill my open positions”, hang on for this last bit. Because you have a structured training program in place, you’re now able to cast a wider net when hiring. You no longer need to hunt for that trophy candidate and can place less emphasis on required education and experience because you know those will be developed through the apprenticeship program. Focus on hiring a culture fit at your company and allow the apprenticeship to take care of skill training. As an added benefit, this can help diversify your workforce as you consider more “non-traditional” candidates for your industry.

If this article has peaked your interest, take a look at our decision map: Is Apprenticeship Right for You?. Contact to visit more or schedule a consultation with our apprenticeship experts.

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