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Student Support Services

The TRIO/Student Support Services Program at Northeast is an academic assistance program funded through TRIO Grants by the U.S. Department of Education. The program is designed for low-income, first-generation college students or students with a disability. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with their TRIO/SSS advisor once a month, and are encouraged to participate in one of the various program activities each month. All at no cost to the student. As students navigate the demands of college and gain more independence with the responsibility of college life, they will be offered personal and academic support. We provide assistance with meeting college requirements and support to motivate them towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education.

Students participate in the TRIO/SSS program throughout their enrollment at Northeast.


To qualify for services a student must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, be registered at Northeast, demonstrate an academic need for services, and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • First-Generation: An individual whose parents have not completed a four-year degree
  • Low-Income: Household taxable income meets TRIO/SSS guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Student with a Disability: An individual with a documented learning, physical or emotional disability. Documentation must be submitted to the Northeast Disability Services Office

Services Offered

TRIO/SSS offers individual support, advising and a referral process to ensure participants take full advantage of the services and activities offered to them.

Individual Support

  • A thorough needs assessment and development of a Student Success Plan
  • Required academic advising and success coaching

Personal Support

  • Career Exploration
  • Leadership Conferences
  • TRIO Club
  • Assistance completing FAFSA, scholarship and transfer applications
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Student Success Workshops
  • Cultural Field Trips
  • Team Building Activities

Academic Support

  • Structured first-year experience course
  • Academic transfer assistance and visits to four-year colleges
  • Access to a free laptop or iPad through the TRIO Device Loan Program
  • Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
  • College Readiness Boot Camp
  • Educational Field Trips

For More Information:
TRIO Student Support Services
(402) 844-7736

Northeast Community College TRIO Facebook Group