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Individualized Math

Math 930

Math 930 Individualized Math is a course designed to support students who need extra assistance in math courses. Students enroll in Math 930 Individualized Math while enrolled in any of Northeast’s other math courses. A student then earns one or two credit hours for enrolling in Math 930 while also receiving personalized, professional tutoring each week. Individualized Math gives students the support they need to be successful in required math courses.

Math 930 allows students to:

  • Get professional tutorship with any math course offered at Northeast
  • Choose the days that work best in your schedule
  • Choose the hours you attend
  • Work in a quiet, private lab setting in the Science Building on the Norfolk campus
  • Earn one or two credit hours

For more information, contact Kelly Wemhoff at (402) 844-7378, email or stop in the science building room 107/108.