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Electronic Communication

And e-Consent

The ESIGN Act requires Northeast Community College to provide students with certain information about how electronic records are provided and to obtain student consent to provide financial aid information to the student electronically.

Email is considered the official form of communication for the Northeast Financial Aid office. The Financial Aid office uses email to notify students of outstanding requirements, award packages, loan disbursements and financial aid status. An email is sent to the student's personal email address that was provided to Northeast directing them to their My Northeast account. Since My Northeast is an electronic form of communication, financial aid students must first agree to the Northeast Financial Aid Office's e-Consent policy before they can view their financial aid award in their My Northeast account.

Granting e-Consent allows students to have full access to their My Northeast account including the ability to:

  • Review and accept or reject your financial aid online
  • Receive electronic notification of loan disbursements- includes the amount, date of disbursement, and right to cancel the loan within 14 days of notice
  • Reminder notices, including specific communication about your financial aid file
  • Notice of scholarship opportunities which include eligibility requirements and how to apply
  • Notice of Loan requirements, including Entrance Counseling, Master Promissory Note and Exit Counseling

If you decide not to e-Consent, you should be aware that no access will be allowed to your financial aid award information on your My Northeast account. No electronic correspondence or email communication will be permitted with the Financial Aid office.

  • All communication will be sent to your residence life mailbox if living on campus, or your current mailing or permanent address that you have on file with Northeast. This may delay processing due to mail time.
  • No email exchanges will be permitted and all request for information must be made in writing.
  • Phone communication will be allowed if staff is able to verify the identity of the individual calling.

A student may change their decision on e-Consent at any time by contacting the Financial Aid office. The Financial Aid office will restore the student's ability to respond to the e-Consent question again on their My Northeast account.

Agree to E-Consent

Once a student has signed into their My Northeast account with their Northeast student ID number and password please follow the steps below to navigate to the e-Consent process within the financial aid section of My Northeast.

  • Click on Financial Aid tab
  • Click on the award tab then award by aid year and select the academic year that you are requesting financial aid for
  • Click on the resources and additional information tab
  • Provide a response to the e-Consent and Title IV authorization questions

Technology Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows, Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, OS X, Linux, Android 2+, iOS 4+
  • Browsers: Please use the most recent version of your preferred browser. Browser vendors update frequently. If you have trouble with one browser, try another.
  • PDF Reader: Adobe
  • Screen Resolution: 1024x768

You must have a printer capable of printing any disclosure or statement that are made available on our website and/or emailed to you, and/or can electronically save and visually display on computer screens.

***The minimum requirements are subject to change. ****

Need help or additional information?

Email the Financial Aid Office at or call (402) 844-7285 or schedule an appointment.