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Request for Special Circumstance

Changes in Financial Circumstances

If you or an immediate family member has unusual circumstances that affect your financial situation, an adjustment to certain elements on your FAFSA is a possibility. Examples of those circumstance are as follows:

  • a death in the family
  • loss of employment by you or a parent
  • unusually high medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • separation and divorce after the FAFSA has been filed
  • loss of untaxed income or benefit
  • other extraordinary situations

  1. Contact the Director of Financial Aid at | (402) 844-7288
  2. Submit the request using the Request for Special Circumstance form.

Changes to Cost of Attendance (COA)

Purchase of a computer

Students in a program of study that require the use of a computer may request an increase to their cost of attendance (COA) once during their program of study for the cost of the computer. Increasing the COA does not guarantee additional aid eligibility; however, a copy of the purchase receipt can be submitted for review.

Additional Transportation Expense

Transportation expenses are already included in your cost of attendance (COA); however, if you incur or will incur expenses that exceed the standard budget amount and adjustment may be considered.

ChildCare Cost

If you pay for dependent care in order to attend class, study, commute, or perform other activities directly related to your college attendance you may request an increase to your cost of attendance (COA).

Study Abroad

Students enrolled in a study abroad experience approved for credit by Northeast Community College may request a review of their cost of attendance (COA) budget for additional expenses incurred due to the study abroad experience.

Need help or additional information?

Email the Financial Aid Office at or call (402) 844-7285 or schedule an appointment.