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Campus Housing

Things To Not Bring

  • Personal Refrigerators of any size are NOT ALLOWED
  • Extension Cords or Extension Plug-ins are NOT ALLOWED
  • Command Strips or LED Light Strips are NOT ALLOWED. Push pins and painters’ tape are allowed to hang items.
  • Candles and incense or any other item that requires an open flame is in violation of fire code and NOT ALLOWED
  • Cooking Appliances are NOT ALLOWED – Due to fire code, all small cooking appliances are prohibited in Simon Hall, Burkhardt Hall, and Path Hall. Prohibited appliances include but not limited to: anything with an exposed heating element like toasters, air fryers, griddle/hot plates, sandwich makers, electric skillets, etc. If found, items will be confiscated and returned when resident leaves for break.
  • Grills or Fire Pits are NOT ALLOWED – Residents may not grill and/or tailgate in any of the parking lots on campus.
  • Personal Heaters such as electric blankets or heaters pose a potential fire hazard and are NOT ALLOWED
  • Waterbeds are NOT ALLOWED
  • Residents may NOT remove any dorm furniture from their suite area
  • Metal-tipped Darts and Dartboard are NOT ALLOWED
  • Hover Boards/Hover Scooters are NOT ALLOWED in on-campus housing at any time
  • Car Parts such as batteries, hitches, chains, vehicle engines, tires or other large items are not to be stored in Residence Hall rooms.
  • Road Signs or other Recognizably Stolen Articles will be confiscated
  • Live trees/branches/wreaths are NOT PERMITTED in on-campus housing
  • Offensive Decorations – any reports of offensive decorations that are visible to other residents may be asked to be removed from Campus.
  • Alcohol/Drugs/Tobacco/Guns are ALL PROHIBITED
    Containers may not be used in decoration no matter what the condition; Any items found in the room will be confiscated and/or the resident(s) will be assessed a fine. It should be noted that the presence of Alcohol/Tobacco/Drug containers will be interpreted as actual possession. A student determined to be in locations where violations of campus Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco policies are taking place will be considered in violation even though they may not actually have the prohibited items on their person at the time of the incident.