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Housing Costs

Northeast Community College has three residence halls for 472 students and two apartment buildings for 64 students, all conveniently located on campus. Residence Hall rooms are organized in suites: four students in each suite, sharing a bathroom within that room unit. The eight-plex apartments have four students to each apartment with two bedrooms (two students in each), bath, kitchen, dining area and living room. Owned and operated by the college, campus housing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Summer housing is also available.

2022-2023 Housing Costs

Residence Hall Cost Per Semester/Year
Simon Hall $2,340/$4,680
Burkhardt Hall $2,535/$5,070
Apartments $2,725/$5,450
Path Hall, Double Suite $2,725/$5,450
Path Hall, Single Suite $3,200/$6,400
Meal Plans - Required for all Residents
Unlimited Meal Plan (includes $150 Hawks Express Flex Dollars each semester) $1,875/$3,750
10 Meals Per Week (includes $100 Hawks Express Flex Dollars each semester) $1,725/$3,450