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Board of Governors

Position Vacancies

Vacancies exist for the Northeast Community College Board of Governors:

District IV which consists of Burt, Cuming, Stanton, and Thurston Counties in their entirety. In Madison County, U-F-GG-Madison Precinct, and Madison City Precinct are included. The SE1/4 of S-E-SC-NG-K Precinct is also included. This ¼ has a starting point of 540th Ave. & State Hwy. 32: East to State Hwy. 121, South to the Madison County line, west to 540th Ave., and North return to origin.

A committee of the Northeast Board will receive and evaluate applications, select and conduct interviews, and make a recommendation to the total Board to fill the position for the balance of the term, which expires December 2024. To be eligible, the candidate must be a registered voter, a resident of one of the above-named counties for at least six months and cannot be a member of another board relating to education or another high elective office pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. §32-604.

Persons with questions related to this process are asked to contact a current member of the Board of Governors or the administrative offices at (402) 844-7055.

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Submit Your Application

Questionnaire must be completed and submitted by December 8, 2023.

Applicants must submit the online questionnaire.

District IV:

Online Questionnaire

Note: Interviews will be conducted the week of December 18, 2023.