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Board of Governors

The elected 11-member Board of Governors represents five districts, with one member serving at large. Their desire to provide students with the academic skills needed to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, to enhance skills to be competitive in the rapidly changing job market, provide opportunities to earn dual credits, and to offer opportunities for continuing education, personal growth, and enrichment is a challenge they approach with enthusiasm. The Board governs the College, sets policy, approves the budget, and sets the local College tax levy. Board members are re-elected every four years on an alternating basis. The Vice President of Administrative Services and President’s Executive Assistant serve as the treasurer and recording secretary of the Board, respectively.

Name Office Held Hometown Term Begin Date District
Steve Anderson Concord 1997 3
Terry Nelson West Point 2011 4
Dirk Petersen Norfolk 2011 5
Julie Robinson Norfolk 2013 5
Jeff Scherer Chairperson Beemer 2016 At Large
Carol Sibbel O’Neill 2016 2
Del Ames Neligh 2017 1
Donovan Ellis Vice-Chairperson Pierce 2018 1
Nicole Sedlacek Secretary O’Neill 2019 2
Pat Wojcik South Sioux City 2022 3
Diane Davies Pilger 2024 4

Voting Districts

According to 2020 census figures, approximately 151,596 people live in the college's 20-county service area. Agriculture and agribusiness are the principle industries in the area. Following is a map that shows the college's service area, voting districts, and Board members that represent those districts:

Voting Districts
Donovan Ellis headshot

Donovan Ellis
Pierce, District I

Del Ames headshot

Del Ames
Neligh, District I

Nicole Sedlacek headshot

Nicole Sedlacek
O'Neill, District II

Carol Sibbel headshot

Carol Sibbel
O'Neill, District II

Steve Anderson headshot

Steve Anderson
Concord, District III

Pat Wojcik headshot

Pat Wojcik
South Sioux City, District III

Diane Davies headshot

Diane Davies
Pilger, District IV

Terry Nelson headshot

Terry Nelson
West Point, District IV

Julie Robinson headshot

Julie Robinson
Norfolk, District V

Dirk Petersen headshot

Dirk Petersen
Norfolk, District V

Jeff Scherer headshot

Jeff Scherer
Beemer, At Large