Early College High School Applicants

The benefits of starting college early are many. You will save money because Northeast offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the state. The grades and credits earned can be used towards a degree at Northeast or transferred to another college. You will also be familiar with the college environment before your first day of college. Typically, students who take college credit courses during high school are twice as likely to attend college after graduation.

You can earn college credit while in high school through Dual Credit, Fridays @ Northeast and College Credit-Only classes.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit classes allow you to earn both high school and college credits at the same time during the school day. In order to offer a Dual Credit class, a school must follow guidelines that are set by the Nebraska Department of Education and the Higher Learning Commission. These rules cover teacher credentials, amount of time spent in class, and coursework rigor.

Early College Dual Credit Online Opportunities
Dual Credit at the O'Neill Campus

Fridays @ Northeast

The Fridays @ Northeast program is a unique opportunity for high school seniors to spend Fridays on the college campuses as college students using our lab spaces and classrooms. The courses offered through Fridays @ Northeast will provide an introduction to a variety of career and technical programs and will lead into a program of study upon high school graduation. You will receive high school credit in addition to college credit per approval of the high school.

Fridays @ Northeast Class Schedule

College Credit-Only Classes

College Credit-Only classes are usually taught outside of the typical high school day; yet some might be held during regular high school hours. A notable difference between College Credit-Only and Dual Credit/Fridays @ Northeast classes is that the instructors are qualified to teach only at the college level, not at the high school level. You can take College Credit-Only classes in the following ways:

  • Through interactive distance learning in a specially-equipped room at your high school
  • With an online course, which is conducted over the internet on a special website where the instructor and students exchange information, assignments, and tests
  • By attending classes on-campus or at one of Northeast’s extended campuses


If you do not have a My Northeast account, or if you have taken classes with Northeast and already have a My Northeast account, you must still complete the online application before registering for classes. Please choose Apply for Admission.

Have Questions?

Please speak with your high school counselor about the Northeast classes available at your high school or contact:

Makala Williams, Director of Early College
(800) 348-9033, ext. 7118, or (402) 844-7118