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Records and Registration



Your official grades are recorded on your Student Account in the Student Information System. We recommend monitoring your grades frequently over the semester. You can access your account on the Northeast website.


A+, A

Superior; work of exceptional character

B+, B

Above average work

C+, C

Average quality of work

D+, D

Below average


Failing work


Unearned F grade


Pass; can only be used for a pass/fail class; credit awarded; no quality points


Withdrawal; recorded after a student formally withdraws from a class. A student must initiate action for withdrawal through the Student Services Office prior to the end of the withdrawal period.


Incomplete. The temporary grade of “I” may be issued when a student has completed most of the course requirements but is unable to complete the remainder due to circumstances clearly beyond his/her control (i.e., serious illness or an emergency). It is the student's responsibility to request an Incomplete Form from the instructor. Arrangements will then be made for the completion of the course objectives. An incomplete should not involve the student attending the majority of the class sessions during a subsequent term. An “I” must be completed by the date specified on the Incomplete Form, never more than one year after the course has concluded. If course work is not completed during this time, the “I” will be changed to an “F” on the student's permanent transcript


A function of the grading system used to determine academic status, scholastic probation, scholastic honors, and eligibility for graduation. Grade points are allocated for each credit hour earned as follows:


4 points


4 points


3.5 points


3 points


2.5 points


2 points


1.5 points


1 points


0 points


0 points (not used in computing GPA)

To compute G.P.A., multiply the semester hours of credit for each course by the grade value to determine honor points, and then divide the sum of the honor points by the total number of credits. When a course is repeated, only the higher grade will be used in computing the grade point average. Credits earned at transfer institutions and accepted at Northeast are not used in the computation of a student's Northeast grade point average.


Every student has the right to appeal the final grade in a course in accordance with the grade appeal procedures. A formal grade appeal shall be filed before the end of the first regular semester immediately following the term during which the grade was assigned. A formal grade appeal may be filed if:

1. There is a dispute over the numerical calculation of the grade; or
2. The grade assigned appears not to be indicative of the student's performance.


When academic amnesty is granted, it will remove one or two semesters of previous Northeast Community College coursework from a student's cumulative grade point average and earned credit hours. Students must successfully complete a minimum of 12 credit hours at a 3.0 GPA or 24 credit hours at a 2.5 GPA before petitioning for academic amnesty. The 12 to 24 credit hours must apply to the student's current program of study and must be completed after the term(s) for which academic amnesty is requested and before completion of earned on a continuous basis at Northeast (summers optional). Of the 12 to 24 credit hours, there can be no grade lower than a "C" before petitioning for academic amnesty. Students seeking academic amnesty must contact the Registrar.

Need help or additional information?

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