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Basic Electrical

Introduction to basic electricity and electronic principles that apply to diesel powered equipment. Understand circuits, switches, relays, components, wiring diagrams, testing and the use of testing equipment. Systems and components covered include: batteries, starting circuits, charging circuits, lighting, wiring, 12 and 24 volt systems and accessories.

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Basic Preventative Maintenance

This course will review proper procedures for putting tires on, proper tire pressure, lubrication procedures, torquing bolts, bearings, reading a multi-meter, checking and changing oil, filters and tightening lug nuts. Will also review proper inspection of the air intake system: look at the aspirator, exhaust system and understand how it works.

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Chemical Applicator Fall Fertilizer& VRT Application

Covers the following topic areas: Dry Fertilizer Formulations and Identification Basics of Fertilizer Prescriptions VRT Basics of Dry Fertilizer Application.

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Chemical Applicator Maintenance

This course will examine the repairs, maintenance and cleanout procedures needed for commercial applicator equipment. Included in this will be welding skills and hydraulic and hose repairs. Students will also learn maintenance of machines, including but not limited to, wheel seals, motors, and grease points. Cleanout procedures, chemical gumming and mixing issues, nozzle care, and equipment audits will be emphasized.

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Chemical Applicator Product Costs & Liability Concerns

Chemical Labels, what are they & what is their purpose? Chemical drift & inversion education. Tank clean-out importance between products, nozzle selection importance (basics).

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Chemical Applicator Spraying Process

This session is designed to spend time working with the applicator simulator. Students will learn spraying process from customer order to final billing. Learn the proper way to spray and select the appropriate tip.

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Contextualized Writing & Communication

Individuals will learn how to properly write a description of the work that was completed as well as explain the repairs made to the customer. Review basic grammatical errors, punctuation, and sentence case.

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Farm Equipment Operation

In this experiential course, students will perform tasks associated with successful agriculture production on-site at the Northeast Community College Farm. Students will learn how to safely operate and maneuver common farm machinery and equipment, including as many of the following as possible: tractor and implement, skid steer, combine, UTV, pickup and trailer (bumper hitch and gooseneck), center pivot irrigation, or others as available. This class will be beneficial in preparing students for an internship or employment in an agricultural setting.

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Introduction to Electronics

Study electronic systems used in farm equipment including microprocessors, sensors, monitors, controllers, emergency shutdown systems and GPS systems. Includes operation, testing and diagnostics.

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Introduction to Mechanical Systems

Basic overview of a large majority of the drive train and mechanics of the basic systems: engine (understand components), rear differential, axle, driveshaft, transmission, brakes and cooling systems.

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Safety & Intro to Diesel Tech Shop Procedures

This course covers shop maintenance as it relates to safety, PPE equipment, hand and power tool safety, shop safety procedures, identify safety hazards, hazmat, hazardous communications, and shop management practices. Introduction to shop operations including: use and care of hand and power tools, use of precision measuring tools, testing equipment, and special tools, proper use of lifting equipment such as cranes and jacks. Understand hydraulic system safety. Includes Forklift Certification.

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