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Incorporate Precision Ag Into Your Classroom

Northeast Community College is proud to work with schools to incorporate precision ag into the classroom for junior high and high school students. Northeast provides the support, content, activities and resources to bring precision ag to life.

Precision agriculture is a method of farm management with a focus on intentional decision-making. We want to showcase this way of thinking to junior high and high school students and introduce them to a topic that is going to contribute to the future and progression of agriculture.

What we Offer

  • Lessons that you teach. These include PowerPoint presentations, notes and activities for different units. (See some options below)
  • We currently offer an introductory unit that covers an introduction to precision agriculture along with the fundamentals of precision ag.
  • A classroom visit from the Precision Ag Trainer for hands-on learning.
  • Follow-up visit from the Precision Ag Trainer to discuss careers in agriculture
  • Mobile classroom trailer for larger hands-on activities
  • Career day booths
  • County Fair and Field Day booth-activities for audiences of all ages
  • Professional development workshops for educators

Lesson Topics Include

  • The Fundamentals of Precision Agriculture
  • Variability
  • Data Gathering
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Units will be diving deeper into topics surrounding soil health, aerial imagery, drones, water quality, and more. Further expansion into topics such as horticulture are on the horizon!

Please contact Courtney Nelson, Precision Ag Trainer, to access additional curriculum or schedule a classroom visit.
(402) 844-7467

Sign up for a Classroom Visit Courtney Nelson

We want to support you by providing classroom activities and resources to bring precision agriculture to life. Content is currently being created, updated, and revised. Have an idea you would like to execute in your classroom, but you aren’t sure how? Reach out and we will see what we can create together!

Lesson Plans and Activities

We appreciate the support of the CHS Foundation in our endeavors to introduce students to precision agriculture. “The CHS Foundation, funded by charitable gifts from CHS Inc., is focused on developing a new generation of agriculture leaders for life-long success. Together, with our partners, we are igniting innovation and driving excellence in agricultural education, cultivating high-impact programs for rural youth, and accelerating potential for careers in agriculture. Learn more at