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Faculty-led Travel Opportunity

From the hustle of Tokyo to the serene gardens of Nikko, with its temples and shrines, earn college credit while you immerse yourself in the culture of Japan. Learn about the history, geography, theatre, and more in Intercultural Studies of Japan (spring 2022), then bring those lessons to life through a 12-day travel experience! Consider the decisions made at Hiroshima, celebrate with locals at the Rice Harvest Festival, and explore 500 years of history at the largest and most visited castle in Japan. The eighteenth-century roots of Manga, the emergence of modern Anime in the mid-twentieth century, and the explosion of video games over the last five decades will all be studied. Learn how American G.I. culture influenced the Land of the Rising Sun and how Japanese culture impacted American society.

Earn credit towards your degree.

Intercultural Studies of Japan will go toward satisfying elective credits necessary for completion of either an AA and AS degree.

Educational Opportunities

  • Peace Memorial Museum
  • Evening train ride with dinner
  • Nikko National Park
  • Numerous temples and shrines
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Himeji Castle

Easy payment plan is available!

$500 travel assistance to the first 10 students to register

Easy payment plan is available! The cost for this educational opportunity will be available this fall and includes airfare, lodging, travel insurance, some meals, activity fees, and ground transportation. Cost does not include tuition for the 3-credit hour required class in the spring or the 1-credit hour travel class in June. $200 non-refundable deposit.

Need help or additional information?

If you need assistance deciding what to do, or have questions, please contact Pam Saalfeld: | (402) 844-7466