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Adult Driving Class

This is a driving class for individuals 18 and older, who have an LPD permit and want to learn how to drive, or individuals who want to sharpen their driving skills. Also, individuals who fail three drive tests with DMV can attend this class or hold a valid LPD for 90 days to retest. Tests passed during this class do not waive drive test at the DMV. Students will acquire the basic skills to operate a vehicle. Six hours of classroom and six hours of driving time is required. Instructor will arrange driving time with students.

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CDL Training-Basic CDL Class Theory and Lab

Northeast Community College is offering a CDL training course in your area! Instruction will include everything the student will need to know to pass the license exam, pre-trip inspection, practical driving test and is ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) compliant. Twenty hours will be spent in the classroom and doing vehicle inspections. Students will need to get their CLP (Commercial Learner’s Permit) either before the theory portion or just after the theory portion of the class, but at least 12 days before the lab portion of the class. You will also need to get a DOT drug screen after you have acquired your CLP and bring the results with you when you attend the lab portion of the class. The driving, vehicle inspection, and testing portion of the course will be completed in Norfolk. The final drive test fee is included in the course. Financial Assistance is available through the Community College Gap Assistance Program for students meeting income guidelines. For more information, contact Amy Kaiser at (402) 844-7245. Requirements: Students must be 18 years of age and have a valid Nebraska driver’s license to take this course (21 years of age if the student has a valid driver’s license from another state). Students are also cautioned that the physical requirements for a Class A Commercial Driver License (required for truck-tractor operators) must be consistent with the standards of the United States Department of Transportation. Tuition does not include cost of license, clearing house fee, DOT drug screen, and learner’s permit (no K restriction for out-of-state residence). The required drug/alcohol testing includes pre-admittance, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing.

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Driver's Education

This is a Provisional Operators Permit Driver Training course for individuals 14-17 years old. You will acquire the basic skills to operate a vehicle. Bring Learner's or School permit to the first class. 20 hours of classroom and at least 6 hours of driving are required. The book is provided for the class. Parents/Guardians are asked to attend the first part of the first class along with the student or as noted. Details regarding the class are noted in the Register box. The driving experience will be arranged with the student.

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Introduction to Automotive Lab Scope (DSO) Usage

From diagnosing vehicle network communication problems, to locating faulty vehicle electronics, to finding that intermittent problem that we all encounter from time to time, the automotive lab scope is hands down one of the best pieces of diagnostic equipment an auto tech can have in his/her arsenal of tools. Often, technicians have not had the opportunity to learn how to properly set and/or use this versatile, time-saving tool. Northeast is offering a 1-day introductory class with hands-on training in lab scopes. Lab Scopes may differ but most all have the same functionality. If you have your own lab scope and want to learn how to better apply its usage to daily tasks or brush up on your skills, or if you are simply interested in learning more about them before you purchase one this class will cover it. Bring your Lab Scope, if you have one, and your sense of adventure for all we can do with a Lab Scope.

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Professional Truck Driver Training

The training program is an intensive course. The students will go for night drives and long runs during the course. Students will learn to operate articulated vehicles in a training environment that includes driving on city streets, two-lane, and interstate highways. The program includes 240 contact hours, 44+ hours of behind the wheel training and 190 hours of classroom, lab, and observation. A CASA test will be provided if necessary through Adult Education. Must have CDL Learner's permit, DOT drug screen and DOT physical by the start of the first day of class. Tuition does not include the cost of books, DOT physical, drug screen, MVR report, learner’s permit or the CDL license. The Norfolk location offers six-week course scheduled Monday through Friday, meeting 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Financial assistance is available through the Community College GAP Assistance Program for students meeting income guidelines. For more information, contact Amy Kaiser at 402-844-7245.

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