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Title IX

Title IX Coordinator and Title IX Team Members Responsibilities

The Title IX Coordinator, or designee, is charged with coordinating the College’s compliance with state and federal civil rights laws. The Title IX Coordinator is not an advocate for either the Complainant or the Respondent. The Title IX Coordinator will explain to both parties the procedures outlined below and the confidentiality provisions. Where appropriate, the Title IX Coordinator will provide to both parties’ information about options for obtaining supportive measures including no contact orders; medical and counseling services; academic support; information about making a criminal report; information about receiving advocacy services; and information about other helpful campus and community resources and safety measures.

The Title IX Coordinator will offer to coordinate with other campus officials, when appropriate, to implement interim measures such as no-contact orders, rearrangement of living arrangements, or academic accommodations. The Title IX Coordinator will describe the process of a fair and impartial investigation. The Title IX Coordinator will explain to both parties their right to have an advisor of their choice with them during their interviews and during the hearing stage of these procedures.

If an individual does not want to pursue a Complaint, the Title IX Coordinator will inform the individual that the College is limited in the actions it can take without the cooperation of the individual and will explain the full scope of supportive measures available. The individual making the report (Reporter) is encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible to allow the Title IX Coordinator to investigate and respond as appropriate. The Title IX Coordinator accepts anonymous and third-party reports of conduct and will follow up on such reports but may be limited in the ability to investigate an anonymous report unless sufficient information is furnished to enable the Title IX Coordinator to conduct a meaningful and fair investigation.

A Complainant will not be denied supportive measures simply because they choose not to file a formal Complaint. The Title IX Coordinator will also explain to parties and witnesses that retaliation for reporting alleged violations, or participating in an investigation of an alleged violation, is strictly prohibited and that any retaliation should be immediately reported and will be promptly addressed.