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Scientific advances are changing the way America and the rest of the world raise field crops and manage soil, in turn affecting the trading and marketing of these commodities. Today’s agronomist needs specialized training in advanced agricultural technologies as well as the expertise in processes related to chemical application, seed conditioning, production, quality, and value-added processing.

Agronomy students at Northeast take courses in areas of soils science, crop science, entomology, forages, chemicals, marketing, sales, computers and precision farming (GPS/GIS) to form a strong foundation in the field. We have a 566-acre working College farm where you can develop your skills.

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The internship experience will allow you to continue to develop job related skills as an agronomist.

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Industry demand for agronomists is much greater than the supply, and a degree from Northeast carries a strong, positive reputation among potential employers in agronomy.

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Average salaries vary between $21,000-$61,000 depending on chosen occupation and location.

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You have one option available when enrolling in this program of study.