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Teacher Training Workshops Offered in Norfolk

Teacher Training Workshops Offered in Norfolk

NORFOLK, Neb. -- Northeast Community College has partnered with the Nebraska Department of Education to offer two workshops at the Norfolk campus to support Skilled and Technical Trades teachers in Nebraska high schools.

“Trades technology is changing rapidly. Staying up-to-date on those changes and teaching current program is challenging for teachers who are tasked with so many different content areas,” said Cyndi Hanson, director of Workforce Development.  “We are excited to collaborate with the Dept of Ed, to identify two topics to be offered this summer under their funding.  We are evaluating additional topical areas for next summer.” 

The two workshops this summer are “Drones in the Classroom” and “Robotics: Programming.” 

Both programs are areas with much versatility – supporting development of skills and exploration of career that span agriculture, business, engineering, information technology and more. 

Drones in the Classroom will be offered Tuesday to Thursday, May 28-30, and Robotics: Programming will be offered Tuesday to Thursday, June 18-20.   Please contact or 402-844-7235 for more information.   

Teacher Training Drones 

A class, “Drones in the Classroom,” will be offered by Northeast Community College on the Norfolk campus. (Northeast Community College)