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TRIO Student Plans to Continue Education, Become a CPA

TRIO Student Plans to Continue Education, Become a CPA

NORFOLK, Neb. -- Northeast Community College student Daisy Andrade of Norfolk is the March 2024 TRIO-CSP student of the month.

Daisy is the daughter of Ramiro and Ramona Andrade, sister of Gaby, Jose, Juan, and Eddie.  

Daisy is completing her degree here at Northeast Community College and will graduate in May of 2025 with her associates of arts in accounting. After her graduation, Daisy plans to transfer to Wayne State College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in accounting. 

“I am studying accounting because when I was in eighth grade, I realized that I enjoyed watching and interpreting for my parents when they got their taxes prepared, Daisy said. “Over the years I noticed that it was difficult for my parents to find someone to interpret for them With that being said, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to pursue a career in accounting, so that others wouldn’t have to face the same struggles. Another reason that I chose accounting is so that I can also help my dad start his dream food truck business.”   

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Daisy will begin studying for the exam to become a Certified Public Accountant and plans to move to Omaha. 

“I eventually want to start my own clothing line where people can feel comfortable and included. I also what to establish my own potato-based restaurant where potato recipes are the only meals serve.” Andrade said.  

Daisy is a first-generation college student and understands the importance of the opportunities that a college education will provide her. Her dedication to gaining knowledge and hard work ethic shines through in everything she does.  

While here at Northeast, Daisy has been an active member of the TRIO-CSP program, representing them at the National Leadership and Diversity Conference in Boston, Mass., in the Fall of 2023. She also works part-time at Famous Footwear in Norfolk and is an active member of the Norfolk Hispanic Youth Business Council. Daisy has truly persevered through her rigorous college course work and has maintained a GPA of 4.0. 

In her personal life, Daisy credits her parents, Ramiro, and Ramona, with always wanting her to thrive in school by providing her with the necessities that she needs.  

Daisy had great things to say about her support system. 

“They are also always there for me to hear about my problems and help me in any way that they can. My siblings also do their best to provide me with advice. My best friend, Jacqueline, provided me with endless advice since she is a year ahead of me in school. She also pushes me to be the best version of myself. Finally, my instructors/advisers play a huge role in my success.”  

Daisy also has a great support system here at Northeast that has assisted her on her academic journey. She credits Sara Barritt in making a positive impact on her. 

“At the beginning of my freshman year, I was feeling discouraged to major in accounting because I felt that the accounting courses were going to be too challenging for me, but Sara Barritt, was always supportive. She made me realize that just because the topic is difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. She would always encourage me to find a time to meet with her if I had questions and because of her kindness and determination I continued to be successful.” 

Daisy is a remarkable student, and a highly intelligent young woman.  

One of her instructors had the following to say. 

“I could always count on her to add great insight and depth to our classroom discussions, and the coursework she completed was continuously stellar. She has an amazing perspective and appreciation for her education and gives 100% effort toward her academics at all times. She will undoubtedly accomplish whatever goals she sets for herself.”