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More than a kernel of truth: Northeast loves popcorn

More than a kernel of truth: Northeast loves popcorn

NORFOLK – Nebraska is known as the Cornhusker State, so it goes “hand-in-bag” that the state would also be at the top of the charts for popcorn production.

Popcorn is grown in several areas of the state, including Northeast Nebraska, with about one-third of the nation’s supply grown in Nebraska.

Friday was National Popcorn Day, and Northeast Community College observed it by offering free bags of popcorn in the L Building.

It wasn’t the first time. On special occasions throughout the year, Northeast offers students and staff free bags of the scrumptious treat.

On Friday, Northeast even offered condiments such as M&M candies and chocolate chips to add to the popcorn for those whose tastes might “go against the grain.”

The Northeast tradition of offering free bags of popcorn began when Del Ames of Neligh, a member of the Northeast Community College Board of Governors, gave popcorn to Faye Kilday, the dean of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Now, Candice Climer, the director of assessment, supplies employees at the L Building with popcorn to pop.

Employees in the L Building take turns popping it. And as Friday proved, it is one of the popular traditions at Northeast among Hawk students and staff.

So if you are saying “Shucks” to yourself that you missed it, “butter” not miss the next one as there will be more chances to grab this “flavor”ite treat.

Popcorn Day cutline
Jessica Bode (left), academic scheduling system administrator Educational Services; and Makala Williams, director of Early College Teaching & Learning, helped with supplying popcorn on Friday as Northeast Community College celebrated National Popcorn Day.  (Northeast Community College)