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Northeast introduces collegiate seal as it kicks off its 50th anniversary year

Northeast introduces collegiate seal as it kicks off its 50th anniversary year

NORFOLK, Neb. – In recognition of its establishment 50-years ago, Northeast Community College has unveiled a new official insignia. A collegiate seal was introduced during the College’s 50th commencement ceremonies recently.

In her address to graduates, Dr. Leah Barrett, college president, said the seal will add authenticity to official documents, and symbolize Northeast’s credibility as a degree-granting institution. 

“The seal does not replace the (college) logo. It serves a separate purpose,” Barrett said. “The new seal will be used on materials associated with official and ceremonial occasions, such as diplomas, transcripts, and graduation announcements. The seal is not about promotion; it is about academic excellence.”

Brian Headlee, creative manager in Northeast’s marketing department, conceived the elements that make up the seal. He said many conversations took place on the development of each portion of the seal’s meaning and symbolism.

“We first had to define what the new seal needed to convey. Research, sketching, and refinement led to the final design,” he said. “The design would not have been as successful without the discussion with and ideas of my marketing teammates, Jill Bertsch, Tara Schilling and Jen Greve.” 

The border of the new Northeast seal is an acknowledgment to Northeast’s predecessor institutions. Logos that represented Norfolk Junior College from 1928 -1973 had similar wave border treatments. 

The quill and the hammer reflect where Northeast began and where it is today. Each represents the merging of two academic institutions in 1973 that created Northeast. Northeastern Nebraska College focused on theoretical study and general education, while Northeast Nebraska Technical College was grounded in career and technical education. 
The torch symbolizes the vision of education to provide enlightenment to all students. 

“Light represents knowledge and wisdom and is seen to illuminate learning, scholarship, teaching, invention, observation, and study,” Headlee said. 

“The shield, that includes the torch, the quill and the hammer, commonly symbolizes stability, tradition, boldness and confidence,” he said. “The leaves along the border represents hope, abundance, peace, and victory. And they signify our 20-county service area, as there are 10 leaves on each branch.” 

The seal also includes the Latin word “corroborare” below the shield means “to give strength” or to “make strong.” 

Barrett said it signifies Northeast Community College’s commitment to providing student-centered, open access education that empowers and strengthens students to achieve personal and professional goals which, in turn, strengthens the college service area through workforce development and economic growth.

The seal was on display on the speaker’s lectern during all three commencement ceremonies and was included on the program cover. In addition, each Northeast graduate was presented with a lapel pin of the seal to commemorate its 50th commencement ceremony. 

“Our seal depicts foundational elements of Northeast’s history that remains relevant today as distinguishing elements of the college,” Barrett said. “As Northeast celebrates its rich history during its 50th anniversary year, we are excited to share this on our most important day of the year - the day our students commence and celebrate their accomplishments. A dream realized through hard work, determination, and a commitment to earning a credential.”