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Northeast Community College Board of Governors holds monthly meeting at O’Neill Extended Campus

Northeast Community College Board of Governors holds monthly meeting at O’Neill Extended Campus

O'NEILL, Neb. - The Northeast Community College Board of Governors held its April meeting at the College’s extended campus in O’Neill on Thur., April 13.

The meeting was held at Northeast’s extended campus at 505 E. Highway 20.

“This is an opportunity for the board to get out into the 20-county service area,” said Dr. Leah Barrett, college president. “We are pleased to also be able to meet with municipal and county government representatives from across Northeast’s western service area.”

Most of the meeting consisted of a retreat that was originally scheduled in March but was postponed due to inclement weather. Board members spent time discussing the operation of the board itself and the systems they use on a monthly basis to support effective and efficient board operations. Barrett also provided an update on legislative matters.

In addition, board members acted on Northeast’s participation in a collaborative agreement between the City of Norfolk and the Norfolk Public School District on improvements to the softball field at Ta-Ha-Ha-Zouka Park in Norfolk. At its March meeting, board members asked for additional information on the proposed improvements. On Thursday, the board voted unanimously to participate in the partnership.

“Sharing expenses on the improvements to the field is a prudent use of taxpayers’ dollars versus each entity operating its own competition field,” Barrett said. “Northeast Community College is supportive in this collaborative engagement as our softball team uses the city field as their home field for competition. It is an important piece in ensuring Title IX compliance in our athletic programs and those of our school district.”

The Board of Governors’ meeting in O’Neill was one of two meetings it has held off its main Norfolk campus in the last year. The other was at Northeast’s extended campus in South Sioux City in June 2022 where members also met with CEOs in the Siouxland region.

In addition to its main campus in Norfolk and extended campuses in O’Neill and South Sioux City, Northeast operates another extended campus in West Point and regional offices in Ainsworth and Hartington.