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Ninety-nine percent of Northeast graduates find employment or continue their education

Ninety-nine percent of Northeast graduates find employment or continue their education

NORFOLK, Neb. – Northeast Community College graduates continue to find success by either obtaining employment in the workforce or continuing their education. The College’s latest Graduate Report confirms that 99% of 2022 graduates either found jobs or continued their education.

Of the Career and Technical graduates who have found employment, 90% gained occupations in their field of study. Eighty-four percent of Northeast graduates who are continuing their education are doing so at Nebraska colleges and universities. The report also indicates that 87% of the graduates remained in Nebraska to work; 52% stayed in Northeast’s 20 county service region. Ninety-seven percent of employers surveyed rated Northeast graduates as either excellent or good in their career program. 

“Again, our graduates are sharing incredible stories with us,” said Terri Heggemeyer, director of career services. “The 99% success rate of this graduating class is close to perfect. Our students are dedicated and work hard to achieve their professional goals. The caring and supportive faculty and staff encourage students to learn, explore and grow. This collaboration allows graduates to embark with a solid foundation in order to make an impact in their lives of their communities.”

Heggemeyer and Amy Koehler, career services administrative assistant, achieved a 97% collection rate from the 812 graduates from last year to compile statistics for the report. 

Of the total number of graduates in the 2022 report, 320 of them earned associate of applied science degrees, 188 earned associate of arts degrees, 127 earned associate of science degrees, 37 earned associate of nursing degrees, 118 earned diplomas, and 129 earned certificates.
Northeast not only contributes to the workforce through its skilled graduates and training programs, but the regional economic impact is also substantial to the northeast and north central regions of Nebraska. A study for the College by the data analytics firm EMSI Burning Glass in 2022 confirmed that Northeast’s total impact was $226.8 million in added income or 3,200 jobs supported to its 20-county service area’s economy during the 2020-21 fiscal year.

The figure represents the higher earnings that students earned during the year, the increased output of the businesses that employed the students, and the multiplier effects that occurred as students and the business’ employees spent money at other businesses. One out of every 34 jobs in the Northeast service area are supported by activities of the College and its students. The total effect for 2020-21 amounted to approximately 2.3% of the Northeast service area’s total gross regional product. 

In addition to the graduate report, the Northeast Community College Career Services Office offers a variety of services to prepare students for the workforce. This includes providing one-on-one advisement and personal attention to students as they look for employment; posts jobs daily to the Northeast on-line job board; assists with writing and completing resumes´, cover letters, and applications, and offers lifetime employment assistance to alumni, among others.

Dr. Leah Barrett, president, said the report confirms Northeast’s contribution to workforce development. 
“The 2022 Graduate Report is yet another chapter in the successful story of our graduates who are finding employment and/or continuing their education,” Barrett said. “Year-after-year, our graduates put their degrees to use not only for the betterment of themselves and their families, but for our communities, state and nation.”

The 2022 Northeast Community College Graduate Report may be accessed online on the Northeast Community College website at