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Making music again at 40th Jazz Festival

Making music again at 40th Jazz Festival

NORFOLK, Neb. – After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, middle and high school student musicians returned to Northeast Community College to compete for top honors at the institution’s 40th Annual Jazz Festival in the Cox Activities Center on the Northeast campus in Norfolk.

It was a great festival, and we were thrilled to be back making music and jazzing post-pandemic,” said Margaret Schultz, Northeast music instructor and festival director. “It was delightful to have students from across the Midwest back on campus for the festival.”

The two-day event, sponsored by the Northeast Music Department, drew 77 musical groups featuring 1,532 students from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. The competition hosted jazz bands and show/jazz choirs for schools in four levels. Twenty-five trophies were presented at the end of each competition over the two days for first, second, third, and fourth place and solo and instrumental awards.

Schultz said the Jazz Festival helps students develop as musicians and shows them what other schools are doing. She said the most rewarding part is the award ceremonies as recognition is given to the top four groups and an outstanding soloist in each category. 

“The hushed anticipation and then the cheers and applause for each group announced never gets old,” Schultz said. “The quality adjudication comments provide musicianship growth to both students and directors. All in all, the festival ran very smoothly due to the support of the College and the Northeast students who help work the festival. Those in attendance expressed their enjoyment and joy to be back listening to these young musicians.”  

Results from the Jazz Festival include:


Level IV           Band                                                                                                        City

1st Place          Norfolk Junior High #1                                                                          Norfolk
2nd Place        Norfolk Junior High #2                                                                          Norfolk
3rd Place         Norfolk Catholic                                                                                     Norfolk

Outstanding Soloist: Brynn Sterud-Vibes, Norfolk Jr. High #1                                Norfolk

Level IV           Show Choir                                                                                            City

1st Place          Westridge Middle School                                                                    Grand Island
2nd Place        Fremont Middle School                                                                       Fremont
3rd Place         Norfolk Catholic Junior High                                                              Norfolk
4th Place         Norfolk Junior High                                                                              Norfolk

Outstanding Soloist: Caroline Love, Norfolk Catholic Jr. High                                Norfolk

Level III            Band                                                                                                      City

1st Place          Elk Point-Jefferson High School                                                        Elk Point, SD
2nd Place        Pender Public School                                                                          Pender
3rd Place         Ponca Public School                                                                            Ponca
4th Place         Hartington-Newcastle High School                                                  Hartington

Outstanding Soloist: Henrik Nelson-Drums, Brownell Talbot                             Omaha

Level III            Show Choir                                                                                         City

1st Place          Bishop Neumann Catholic High School                                         Wahoo
2nd Place        Ord High School                                                                                 Ord
3rd Place         Aquinas Catholic High School                                                          David City
4th Place         Bloomfield Community School                                                        Bloomfield

Outstanding Soloist: Deagan Puppe, Laurel-Concord-Coleridge                        Laurel 


Level III            Vocal Jazz                                                                                            City

1st Place          Brownell Talbot                                                                                  Omaha
2nd Place        Stanton Community School                                                              Stanton
3rd Place         Miller High School                                                                              Miller, So. Dak.
4th Place         Ponca Public Schools                                                                         Ponca

Outstanding Soloist: Alice Chan, Brownell Talbot                                                 Omaha



Level II             Band                                                                                                   City

1st Place          Glenwood Community School Gold I                                           Glenwood, IA
2nd Place        Blair High School                                                                               Blair
3rd Place         Dakota Valley School District                                                          North Sioux City, SD
4th Place         Pierce High School                                                                            Pierce

Outstanding Soloist: Seth Andre-Guitar, Norris High School                             Firth

Level II             Show Choir                                                                                         City

1st Place          Seward High School                                                                          Seward
2nd Place        York High School                                                                                York
3rd Place         Minden High School                                                                         Minden
4th Place         Boyden-Hull Community School                                                     Hull, IA

Outstanding Soloist: Leah Davis, York High School                                              York


Level I              Band                                                                                                   City

1st Place          Millard South High School #1                                                        Omaha
2nd Place        Norfolk High School #1                                                                   Norfolk
3rd Place         South Sioux City High School                                                         South Sioux City
4th Place         Norfolk High School #2                                                                   Norfolk

Outstanding Soloist: Tanner Miller-Bari Sax, South Sioux City High School              South Sioux City         


Level I             Vocal Jazz                                                                                              City

1st Place          Columbus High School - New World Singers                                 Columbus
2nd Place        Thomas Jefferson High School                                                         Council Bluffs, IA
3rd Place         Columbus High School - Neptune's Angels                                    Columbus
4th Place         Glenwood Community School - Rhapsody in Gold                       Glenwood, IA

Outstanding Soloist: Jenna Taylor, Columbus High School                                  Columbus


Level I              Show Choir                                                                                         City

1st Place          Norfolk High School                                                                          Norfolk
2nd Place        Denison High School                                                                         Denison, IA
3rd Place         Thomas Jefferson High School                                                        Council Bluffs, IA

Outstanding Soloist: Ali Gorman, Denison High School                                      Denison, IA


NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL SUPERIOR (I)                                                           SHOW CHOIR RATINGS

School                                                             Level                                                   City

Aquinas Catholic High School                             III                                                  David City
Bishop Neumann High School                            III                                                  Wahoo
Bloomfield Community School                           III                                                  Bloomfield
Boyden-Hull Community Schools                        II                                                  Hull, Iowa
Cedar Catholic High School                                 III                                                 Hartington
Denison High School                                              I                                                   Denison, Iowa
Fremont Middle School                                       IV                                                  Fremont
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge                                   III                                                   Laurel
Minden High School                                              II                                                  Minden
Norfolk Catholic Jr. High                                      IV                                                  Norfolk
Norfolk Jr. High                                                     IV                                                   Norfolk
Norfolk High School                                               I                                                   Norfolk
Seward High School                                              II                                                   Seward
Thomas Jefferson High School                             I                                                   Council Bluffs, Iowa
Wausa Public School                                            IV                                                  Wausa
Westridge Middle School                                    IV                                                  Grand Island
York High School                                                   II                                                    York


NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL SUPERIOR (I)                                                            JAZZ CHOIR RATINGS

School                                                             Level                                                   City

Brownell Talbot                                                   III                                                   Omaha
Columbus High School #1                                    I                                                   Columbus
Columbus High School #2                                    I                                                   Columbus
Columbus High School #3                                    I                                                   Columbus
Glenwood Community School #1                       I                                                   Glenwood, Iowa
Glenwood Community School #2                       I                                                   Glenwood, Iowa
Miller High School                                               III                                                  Miller, So. Dak.
Stanton Community School                               III                                                  Stanton
Thomas Jefferson High School                            I                                                  Council Bluffs, Iowa


NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL SUPERIOR (I)                                                            JAZZ BAND RATINGS

School                                                             Level                                                   City

Aurora High School #1                                         II                                                  Aurora
Blair High School                                                   II                                                  Blair
Brownell Talbot                                                    III                                                  Omaha
Centennial High School                                       III                                                 Utica
Dakota Valley School District                              II                                                  North Sioux City, So. Dak.
Elk Point-Jefferson Schools                                 III                                                 Elk Point, So. Dak.
Hartington-Newcastle Schools                           III                                                 Hartington
Homer Community School                                 III                                                  Homer
Glenwood Community #1                                    II                                                 Glenwood, Iowa
Glenwood Community #2                                    II                                                 Glenwood, Iowa
Millard South High School #1                               I                                                 Omaha
Norfolk Jr. High School #1                                   IV                                                 Norfolk
Norfolk High School #1                                         I                                                  Norfolk
Norfolk High School #2                                         I                                                  Norfolk
Norris High School                                                II                                                  Firth
Pender Public School                                          III                                                  Pender
Pierce High School                                                II                                                  Pierce
Ponca Public Schools                                           III                                                 Ponca
South Sioux City School                                        I                                                  South Sioux City


NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL EXCELLENT (II)                                                       SHOW CHOIR RATINGS

School                                                             Level                                                   City

Auburn Middle School                                       IV                                                   Auburn
Centennial High School                                      III                                                  Utica
Elk Point-Jefferson High School                         III                                                  Elk Point, So. Dak.
Elkhorn Valley Jr. High School                            IV                                                  Tilden
Elkhorn Valley High School                                III                                                   Tilden
Holdrege High School                                          II                                                   Holdrege
Norfolk Catholic High School                             III                                                  Norfolk
Ord High School                                                   III                                                   Ord
Wilber-Clatonia High School                              III                                                  Wilber


NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL EXCELLENT (II)                                                         JAZZ CHOIR RATINGS

School                                                             Level                                                    City

Ponca Public Schools                                          III                                                        Ponca


NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL EXCELLENT (II)                                                         JAZZ BAND RATINGS

School                                                             Level                                                    City

Allen Consolidated Schools                               III                                                    Allen
Aurora High School #2                                        II                                                    Aurora
Bloomfield Community School                         III                                                   Bloomfield
Brownell Talbot #2                                              III                                                   Omaha
Cedar Catholic High School                               III                                                   Hartington
Elkhorn Valley High School                                III                                                   Tilden
Millard South High School #2                              I                                                   Omaha
Nebraska City High School                                  II                                                   Nebraska City
Norfolk Catholic Jr. High School                        IV                                                   Norfolk
Norfolk Catholic High School                             III                                                   Norfolk
Norfolk Jr. High #2                                               IV                                                   Norfolk
Stanton Community Schools                             III                                                   Stanton
Wilber-Clatonia High School                              III                                                   Wilber

 NORTHEAST JAZZ FESTIVAL GOOD (III)                                                                              JAZZ CHOIR RATINGS

School                                                           Level                                                      City

Dundy County School                                        III                                                     Benkelman
Jones County School                                          III                                                    Murdo, So. Dak.


Aquinas Catholic High School, David City - Noah Grady, Natalie Kovar, Mara Yindrick.
Bishop Neumann High School, Wahoo - Veronica Fritsch, Cadin McGuigan, Teresa Quinn, Jack Wyllie.
Bloomfield Community School - Alexandra Eisenhauer, Andrew Hochstein, Madie Ziegler.
Brownell Talbot/Omaha - Alice Chan, Maia Su.
Columbus High School #2 - Jenna Taylor.
Columbus High School # 3 - Olivia Brittenham, Riley Gausman, Sarah Lasso, Alyvia Williams.
Denison (Iowa) High School - Shelby Kastner, Ali Gorman, Antonio Rodriguez.
Glenwood (Iowa) Community School - Dana Cutshall, Shannon Morely, Aubrey Mullanix, Josh Nizmann.
Laurel-Concord-Coleridge - Jaclyn Kempf, Deagan Puppe.  
Norfolk Catholic Jr. High - Jonah Ash, Caroline Love.
Norfolk Catholic High School - Addison Carr, Alberto Cartela.
Norfolk High School - Jay Koozer, Cameryn Skiff, Marlee Weidner.
Ord High School - Callee Alexander, Maya Brown, Garrett Severance.
Seward High School - Morgan Craig, Karnie Gottschalk, Michael Perry, Wyatt Swanson.
Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa - Tyson Bentley, Gabe Russell.
York High School - Leah Davis.                     


Aurora High School #1 - Daniel Helzer-Mellophone, Jeremy Hunter-Tenor Sax, Alex Peters-Trumpet.
Aurora High School #2 - Layton Hohm-Alto Sax.      
Blair High School - Caleb Funk-Alto Sax, Kyle Gross-Trumpet, Peter Lux-Trumpet.                         
Brownell Talbot#1/Omaha - Allie Froendt-Trumpet, Henrick Nelson-Drums, Calvin Snyder-Bass.
Elk Point-Jefferson/Elk Point, So. Dak. - Claire LaFerrier-Trumpet, Ella LaFerrier-Tenor Sax.        
Glenwood High School # 2/Glenwood, Iowa - Spencer Ford-Tenor Sax.
Hartington-Newcastle High School - Seth Pinkelman-Trombone, Alan Santiago-Alto Sax, Isaac Santiago-Alto Sax.
Homer Community School - Shelby Benson-Trombone, Bradie Johnson-Trumpet.
Millard South High School #1/Omaha - Sam Christensen-Trombone, Jackson Phinse-Alto Sax, Davin Seeger-Vibes. 
Millard South High School #2/Omaha - Gabriella Barrientes-Voice, Vincent Rotolo-Trumpet.
Norfolk Catholic Jr. High - Caroline Love-Trumpet.  
Norfolk Jr. High #1 - Parker Rabbass-Trumpet, Brynn Sterud-Vibes.
Norfolk Jr. High #2 - Ryker Dahlkoelter-Trombone, Brooklyn Dickey-Alto Sax.
Norfolk High School # 1 - Tyler Wisnieski-Flugelhorn.
Norris High School/Firth - Seth Andre-Guitar, Rath Jen-Piano.
Pender High School - Easton Dutcher-Guitar, Evan English-Trumpet.                                             
Pierce High School - Alexus Sindelar-Trumpet, Spencer Sindt-Trombone.               
Ponca Public School - Lucas Hoesing-Tenor Sax, Matthew Lente-Trombone.         
South Sioux City High School - Pierce Gavin-Bass, Tanner Miller-Bari Sax, Angel Rodriguez Villalobas-Trombone.     
Stanton Community School - Shelby Jenkins-Alto Sax.        




                                                                                                    PHOTO CUTLINE 


Members of the Norfolk High School Show Choir “Velocity” perform during Northeast’s Community College’s 40th Annual Jazz Festival. The group took first place in the Level I Show Choir category. The two-day event, sponsored by the Northeast Music Department, drew 77 musical groups featuring 1,532 students from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.