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Northeast new strategic direction envisions opportunities for everyone

Northeast new strategic direction envisions opportunities for everyone

NORFOLK, Neb. – Northeast Community College views its new strategic plan as more of strategic direction.

President Leah Barrett said the plan, called “enVISION,” is a comprehensive strategy that enforces the mission, defines the vision, articulates values, establishes priorities, and provides opportunities for each department at the College to identify clear goals and objectives.

“enVISION will become the daily work of all Northeast employees for years to come. We chose not to include an end date because the intention is to review annually and update based on a continuous quality improvement mindset,” Barrett said. “The strategic direction is a living document that should allow us to make data-informed decisions based on what we learn from the data and the economic and workforce needs of our region.”

Over the past year, Northeast has collected suggestions and perspectives of employees, students, members of the Board of Governors and Foundation Board of Directors, industry partners, elected officials, and other stakeholders to develop our strategic direction.

Viewpoints gleaned from the sessions has helped develop the College’s priorities for the next several years. Barrett said operating in a continuous quality improvement environment helps an organization become more effective, efficient, and integrated.

“It establishes the foundation for creating a learning and student-ready culture. Through enVISION, Northeast will chart a course for all of us to better address the needs of the 20-county service area by empowering our citizens through the delivery of programs and services that will drive the success of our graduates, the workforce, and the economy of our region.”

Barrett said with strong student outcomes and with more intentionality, Northeast can be even better than it is now by improving the experience for all students – full-time, part-time, credit, non-credit, traditional age, first-generation and post-traditional learners.

“Northeast Community College is focused on empowering every person in our region to achieve their academic and workforce development goals. It is how we envision success!”

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