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Special ceremony held for veterinary technology students

Special ceremony held for veterinary technology students

NORFOLK, Neb. - Students enrolled in Northeast Community College’s veterinary technology program received their white lab coats and pins during a special ceremony held recently in Norfolk.

Members of the class of 2021 received their veterinary technician pins and members of the Class of 2022 were awarded a monogrammed white coat to mark their formal acceptance into the program. The ceremony was held in the College’s Lifelong Learning Center with only the students in attendance due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

Dr. Michael Cooper, veterinary technology instructor, serves as program director. Josh Schlote, licensed veterinary technologist (LVT) and veterinary technology instructor, opened the ceremony followed by comments from Leah Barrett, president of Northeast. Ryann Henn, (LVT) veterinary technology instructor, administered the Veterinary Technician’s Oath to the students. The instructors were joined by Dr. Kassie Wessendorf, veterinary technology instructor, for the pinning of sophomores and the distribution of the white coats to the freshmen. Sophomore class representative Courtney Mangus, Fullerton, also spoke during the event.

The Veterinary Technology program is designed to prepare entry-level veterinary technicians through classroom study, laboratory, and clinical practice with fundamental veterinary technician skills. After successful completion of the program, students should be able to successfully complete the licensing requirements.

Wessendorf said the students should be proud of the way they had to adapt and overcome challenges they faced in their education due to the pandemic. She said it is a quality that will serve them well.

“Veterinary medicine is a field where challenges are thrown our way daily. You have proven that you cannot only meet those challenges, but rise above them and not let them slow you down.”

Barrett said the ceremony marks a time for the students to take pause to celebrate what they have achieved. She told them that taking the time allows them to stay focused on their goal of becoming an employed veterinary technician.

“You are needed in our animal hospitals, our veterinary clinics, our animal shelters, our labs and in the industries that are a critical path in the supply chain to bring food to our world,” Barrett said. “Your career paths may differ, but you will uphold your oath dedicated to promote the ethical treatment of animals, limit their suffering and ensure the public health. You have chosen a very noble profession that truly has an impact in your neighborhood, in our state and in our world.”

These sophomore students received their pins at the ceremony, Esmeralda Arreguin, Newman Grove; Erika Burritt, Osceola; Erin Clocker, Norfolk; Laurel Driver, Hartington; Katrina Enderson, Columbus; Breanna Fahrenholz, Stuart; Maddison Hyde, Gibbon; Mariah Jensen, Gresham; Courtney Mangus, Fullerton; Zia Moore, Oakdale; Megan Pfohl, Lincoln; Mia Scott, Columbus; Olivia Stillman, Hooper; Haley Thompson, Comstock.

Out-of-state sophomores are Hannah Bobeldyke, Hartford, SD; Ranger Gunville, Eagle Butte, SD; Justine Hartmann, Armour, SD; Josephine Jonas, Avon, SD; Dara Ness, Kennebec, SD; Samantha Whitney, Gregory, SD.

In-state veterinary technology students who received their white coats at the ceremony included Taylor Bolling, Clearwater; Kirsten Cooley, Kearney; Kirin DeWitt, Lincoln; Tarah Evans, Columbus; Mariah Frevert, Wayne; Gicelle Garcia-Barraza, Hastings; Mariah Klameth, Lincoln; Kaylee Kruml, Sargent; Aislinn Melo, Lexington; Ellie Navrkal, Wayne; Rachel Schindler, Norfolk; Amanda Summers, Norfolk; Connor Tate, Kennard; Hadley Wiemer, Geneva; Madison Wieseler, Hartington; Bobbi Winkelbauer, Randolph; Courtney Yawn, Pierce.

Out-of-state students receiving white coats were Hayley Bland, Vermillion, SD; Julianna Larson, Colome, SD; Whitney Podhradsky, Mt. Vernon, SD; Sam Sauer, Hospers, IA; Erin Sommer, Parkston, SD; Emily Stukel, Burke, SD; Jasmine Tschetter, Bridgewater, SD; Katie Vander Stoep, Hartley, IA.

Friends, family members and supporters of the students were able to view the ceremony live courtesy of the Northeast Community College Broadcasting Department. The ceremony may be viewed again and is available for download at under the On Demand tab.




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Ellie Navrkal, Wayne, (right), a freshman veterinary technology student at Northeast Community College, receives her white coat from sophomore Breanna Fahrenholz, Stuart, during the program’s annual White Coat and Pin Ceremony recently in the Lifelong Learning Center in Norfolk. Twenty-five members of the Class of 2022 received white coats, and twenty sophomores in the Class of 2021 received their veterinary technician pins.