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Interest is high in Northeast’s first intersession

Interest is high in Northeast’s first intersession

NORFOLK, Neb. – College students are choosing to take advantage of an opportunity to add additional credits between the fall and spring semesters this year by enrolling in a course or two during a time they would normally be on break.

At Northeast Community College, registration is underway for an optional six-week intersession at Northeast Community College that will run from late November through mid-January, with a break in between for the holidays. As of Thu., Nov. 19, over 260 students have enrolled in more 1,000 credit hours during the intersession, with most courses being three credit hours per course.

This is the first time the college has offered classes in this format between semesters. Amanda Nipp, vice president of Student Services, said she is pleased to see a number of students enroll in intersession courses since registration began in late October.

“When the determination was made that Northeast was going to end the fall semester prior to Thanksgiving, we realized that it created the ideal opportunity for us to provide students with a convenient way to earn additional credits,” she said. “I am happy to see that so many students are taking advantage of the intersession courses.”

Northeast is holding approximately 50 classes during the intersession with a majority held online. Much needed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and paramedic courses will be offered in person, while students in two nurse aide courses will meet both online and in face-to-face settings.

The intersession was born out of the Coronavirus pandemic. Northeast moved up the start of the fall semester in August in order to end by Wed., Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving. The college will be closed for the Thanksgiving break, Nov. 26-29, with the intersession beginning Mon., Nov. 30.

Leah Barrett, college president, said there is a good diversity of classes being offered over the six-week period.

“The intersession is an opportunity for Northeast to assist students to stay on pace to earn their degree, diploma, or certificate so they’re ready to go to work or transfer to a four-year institution once they graduate. With courses held primarily online, it gives students the freedom to take a course or courses wherever they may live. And they’re not only open to Northeast students; anyone is welcome to enroll.”

Tuition assistance for the intersession is available for students who qualify, and there is a payment plan option as well.

In addition, registration for spring and summer 2021 classes is also underway. Barrett said class formats will be similar to those for the fall semester.

“As the cases of COVID-19 rise in Nebraska and the normal flu season is at its peak, we will continue to require masks on campus, limit face-to-face classes and reduce class size, require social distancing, and limit the number of students in our residence halls during the spring semester,” Barrett said. “A commitment to these safety measures is aligned with our mission: student success and positively contributing to our region.”

Barrett said she is proud of how Northeast employees have risen to the occasion in meeting the needs of students and constituents. She said COVID-19 has forced the institution to rethink how it provides higher education and support services to its students.

“The faculty and staff have stepped up over these past several months to make our students’ experience meaningful as we all work through this crazy time in our lives. They have risen to the challenge to provide our students the exceptional experience they have come to expect. We are focused on making sure that they remain on the path to achieve their goals.”

To register or to learn more about the intersession at Northeast Community College, go online to