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Event instructs students on the dangers of driving while impaired

Event instructs students on the dangers of driving while impaired

NORFOLK, NE – Although Sober in October may be a catchy name, Northeast Community College hopes its students use the lessons learned from the event all year long.

The approximately 250 students who attended the annual event at the Chuck M. Pohlman Agriculture Complex recently participated in several activities that have been designed to make them think twice about drinking and driving.

“Northeast sponsors this type of event so our students can experience these situations in a safe, controlled setting and learn of the potential dangers that drunk and distracted driving may cause in not only their lives, but in the lives of their loved ones as well as complete strangers,” said Carissa Kollath, director of student activities. “We want them to avoid going through any unpleasant experiences.”

Northeast’s Sober in October is an interactive experience that is designed to demonstrate to students the dangers of binge drinking. They had the opportunity to participate in a simulated drunk driving course, in the Nebraska State Patrol’s seatbelt persuader, field sobriety tests, a standard drink quiz and heard from a faculty member who discussed the impact of losing a family member to a drunk driver.

In addition, students were able to acquire more information about drug identification through the Elkhorn Valley Public Health Department, suicide prevention through Midtown Health Center and obtain resources for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, among others.

“It is extremely vital that we heighten their awareness of both the dangers of drunken and distracted driving; we hope this event will encourage them make good choices from this point on,” Kollath said. “It’s so important that they understand all traffic safety laws so they and others can stay safe on the road.”





Life on the Line may be written on the back of this Northeast Community College utility line student’s sweatshirt, but it has another meaning as he walks a line as he wears specially designed goggles to give him a visual simulation of the effects of intoxication. The field sobriety test was one of several activities during the College’s annual Sober in October event recently. It is designed to teach students to think twice about drinking and driving.