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You can earn an Associate of Arts degree in just two years. We'll provide you with a good foundation for continued education or for employment after graduation in fields that involve human interaction such as psychology, sociology, social work, and counseling. Classes will easily transfer to a four-year college or university. Statistics show that Northeast students in the Behavioral Science program have done as well as or better than students who began their studies at four-year colleges in Nebraska.

Instructor Bios

Courses and Program Options

* Program is available online.

Entry-level employment may be found in areas including health and human services aide, case aide, and community support worker. Positions of greater responsibility, such as counseling, rehabilitation, or social work require a minimum of a four-year degree.

The successful completion of introductory courses in the behavioral sciences paves the way for you to continue a study of psychology or sociology with a fundamental awareness of their basic principles, concepts, theories, and understanding of how a psychology or sociology concentration can prepare you for your future. These courses will also provide you with an understanding of how psychological and sociological principles can be applied to personal, social, and organizational issues; help you develop insight into the workings of society, your own and others' behaviors and mental processes; and provide you with strategies for self-management.

Career Information

Career opportunities can be found in the fields of counseling, psychology, sociology, education, child welfare, criminal justice/corrections, health care, social work, clinical, community organization, public relations, advertising, government, and research.

Salary Information

Salaries vary depending on length of training and specific type of employment.

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