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Pre-Veterinary Technology

Degrees and Programs

The pre-veterinary technology degree is intended for students who are preparing to be accepted into the Veterinary Technology program at Northeast Community College.

Upon successfully completing the first semester of courses identified below and going through the selection process, a student may be accepted into the Veterinary Technology program. (See selective admission process) Once selected, a student will complete the change of major process and continue on in the Associate of Applied Science Veterinary Technology degree program.

For students who are not selected into the Veterinary Technology program following their first semester, this degree provides a program of study that will prepare them to work in a variety of related jobs within the animal health and science industries. The coursework will also serve to better prepare students to re-apply for the Veterinary Technology program during the next selection period. Students may also decide to transfer on to a bachelor’s degree program in a related subject area after completing the Associate of Science degree.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This degree does not lead to licensure as a veterinary technician, nor is it intended for students pursuing a goal to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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