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By enrolling in Northeast's Accounting program, you'll learn the latest accounting principles and how to use these skills in real-life situations. Our instructors have worked professionally in the accounting field and will share this valuable experience with you. They will help you build a solid foundation of accounting knowledge.

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Courses and Program Options

* Program is available online.

You'll learn the basic concepts, definitions, terminologies, and methods of operating an accounting system. The Northeast accounting program will prepare you for immediate employment in an entry-level position or you may transfer your credits to an accounting program at a four-year college. If you choose to enter the work force after graduation, you will find outstanding career opportunities if you are accurate, conscientious, and analytical.

Intern Information

If you choose the Associate of Applied Science degree concentration, you will gain on-the-job experience through a cooperative internship.

Career Information

The field of accounting offers challenging work that is constantly evolving. Accountants spend time analyzing business functions to determine financial success. It's no surprise that many successful people in business began their careers as accountants. Strong growth in accounting related jobs is expected as a result of stricter accounting and auditing regulations, along with an expanding economy.

Salary Information

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average salary for certified public accountants in Nebraska is $59,880.

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